Why Online Dating is Better than Being a Couch Potato

Boost your self esteem and meet some new people!
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Couch Potato

Put the Remote Down & Find Yourself a Mate

Online dating has turned into the dating avenue of the future, and with good reason. There are many reasons as to why online dating is better than regular dating. Most people, however, tend to forget just how convenient online dating can be. Here are a few reasons why you might want to put the TV remote down, get off your couch potato rump and get to an online dating site, as there are thousands of singles just waiting for you to pick them to talk to.

What’s in it For the CP’s?

First, like I mentioned above, online dating sites just aren’t the same as they used to be. As a matter of fact, the modern online dating sites of today have all the amenities of any reputable Web 2.0 web site, and sometimes even more. On most free online dating sites, you will find the forums or message boards, chat rooms, IM, email, and private chatting. These are all the same features of a paid for dating site, but you get it for free. There is also the same great selection of singles to browse through. If you happen on someone you might want to talk to, all you have to do is work up the courage to make contact. It really is no different than a paid for site, except you are saving money. And don’t you think that looking at pictures of singles just waiting for you to talk to them is more exciting than watching your favorite re-run of Cheaters? At least you can be sure the people on the dating site are for the most part honest!

Second reason for online dating, as compared to sitting at home, doing nothing? It will shoot your self esteem through the roof, that’s why. Most people who make a habit of sitting on the couch watching TV all the time suffer form one of two things. Lack of motivation and lack of self esteem. Now, if you were to sign up for an online dating site, fill out the profile right and pick a great picture of yourself, you might just be surprised at the response you get. Having so many people try to contact you can make a person feel better, no matter how depressed they may be. Then, once you have talked and chatted with a few, you will finally have the motivation you need to get off the couch and d something for yourself.

So Why Not Give it a Try?

So, there you have it, two perfectly good reasons why online dating is much better and more interesting then sitting on the couch being depressed. Not only does sitting on the couch make things worse for some people, it’s absolutely no fun at all. There is no real good reason why anyone would want to, unless of course they aren’t interested in a good time or finding happiness. And if that is the case, if a person just doesn’t find having fin appealing, well then, they deserve the misery being a couch potato brings them. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to look and give it a try. So, what are you waiting for?

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