Virtual Valentines

How's about a virtual valentine this year?
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In my world, December till mid-February is a horrific time in between years. You start off having to do all the last minute Christmas shopping that you know you should have done months ago. You get a tree that is way too big for your apartment. Then you have to go and sit through a Christmas dinner with relatives whose names you can barely remember and listen to them ask why you're still single and "what happened to that lovely girl Samantha?" - yeah, that Samantha who broke your heart and ran away with all your furniture and the cat you've owned since you were fourteen.

Then suddenly it's New Year's. You spend hours picking out the perfect outfit, trying so hard to look like you weren't trying. You spend way too much on that haircut; casually tousled and perfectly mussed, of course. You got to a party, drink way too much and make a fool of yourself dancing to The Village People. You sing Auld Lang Syne, and then you stumble home at 3AM. Alone.

Work has been piling up over the holiday season and you spend most of January catching up. You're still fat from all that turkey, cranberry and cheese, and your liver is aching from all that beer, wine and tequila (for the adventurous). Your psychomotor skills have slowed down tremendously and you seem to take twice as long to type out a simple document. 5PM can't come soon enough.

Then it's February and you realise you have 14 days to find a date so you don't have to be that loser who sits at home alone on a love seat made for two watching Jerry Springer reruns on late night TV in his mismatched socks and a ratty old t-shirt with Cheetos stains down the front. 14 days is barely enough to get out and and find one date, let alone find that perfect person you want to spend Valentine's Day with.

But then, you hop online and you see this article, and voila! A solution! How's about a virtual valentine this year? Hop online and browse of extensive database of beautiful singles, all looking to not be alone this Valentine's Day. Narrow down your search as specifically as you'd like, making sure you find the perfect match. Get in touch, and you're on your way! With the thousands of singles we have on our site, you're bound to find someone that will strike your fancy. Send some emails, have a bit of a chat, and if you like each other enough, set up a casual coffee date. Before you know it, you'll be cruising down the river on a tiny candlelit boat with a gorgeous date, and a Frenchman singing La Vie En Rose from the shore.

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