What If Your Profile Is A Dud

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So you have finally decided to jump into the game of online dating and as of now, you have done everything the way you were supposed to do it, according to all the great tips an advice out there on the subject. You signed up to a dating site, filled out your profile and uploaded your picture, heck; you even read up about the subject so wouldn’t flop out too badly.

Maybe you expecting not do so well, because this is your first time that dating online. But what happened was a bit of a surprise –  you got nothing to show for all the hard work you put into the process. You didn’t get a single hello or Hi there; not one single response, not even an “Oops, sorry… wrong person…” message.

Think of the situation as has having a bad hair day, so to speak. Or maybe missing a flight, or breaking the yolk of a perfectly fried egg. These things are little speed bumps in our day to day lives – things that can be ironed out with a bit of persistence. And getting absolutely no response from a dating site is no different. The thing to remember, is just because you haven’t had success yet, doesn’t mean that you won’t if you try a bit harder.

So what is the problem?

Why is it that even though you followed all the advice, you flop? Here are some tips to take what can be a disappointing experience and turn it into something great.

First, see if there is anything wrong with what you have written.

It doesn’t have to be a master piece, but it does have to be coherent. Have you been too negative? Are you telling people about your good points and what you like doing?  You also do not want to be too boring, either. Try to come up with a way to present the information where it will be not only well received, but fun too.

Second, don’t make it too long.

Really. Think of your profile as an opener - Most people want to get a quick overview of who you are and what you are looking for, not a life story. That comes later when you meet up and hit it off!

Third, don’t make it too short.

If you don’t say anything about yourself how is anybody supposed to work out what you’re about? You should have a few sentences about yourself and what you’re looking for at a minimum. Any less and you will be riding on your photos alone.

Fourth, and most importantly, Keep it real.

This is especially important when it comes to picking a photo for the profile. Who is going to want to try to talk to someone when it looks like their photo is a fake?

Yes, there is such a thing as “too perfect a picture”. Perfect people & perfect pictures can be pretending to be someone else. While it is nice to be able to use a photo such as a professionally finished one, it is not necessary. You’re best off using a good photo that a friend has taken of you having a good time. After all a great smile is captivating!

So have a think about these tips, and see what you can do to fix your profile!

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