4 Online Seduction Techniques for Singles

When you are single, the seduction rules are a bit different then if you are in a relationship.
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When you are single, the seduction rules are a bit different then if you are in a relationship. When you already have a relationship, you don’t have to try so hard because you already know you have the person you want to be with. Singles, on the other hand, have no idea if they will be appealing to the person they want to date. What are the best online seduction strategies for singles? Here are a few to keep in mind:


Even if you are chatting online or sending emails, if you are confident, it will appear in the wording of your messages. There is nothing like reading an email that says, “I am sexy and I know it.” An email such as this grabs the recipient’s attention to the point where they feel they have to respond immediately. However, do not overdo it, you do not want to sound conceited, do you? This will only repel others from you.


Feeling you are in control of a situation is one thing, being in control is another. If you come across someone who you feel is in control of a particular situation, try to turn the tables on them and take charge of that situation. This will catch them off guard and will have the effect of letting them know that you are a worthy contender for their love. If you get a message in your inbox saying something like “Would you want to go on a date” reply with an answer such as “Yes, but here’s what I want to do…” Answering in this way will let the other person know you already have in mind exactly what you want and there will be less of a chance they will attempt to take advantage of you in the future. .


Being a “know it all” is not sexy; however intelligence can immediately make a person drop whatever they are doing and listen. When you chat with someone, do not try to always try take center stage or try to “one up” them. Instead, attempt some back and forth conversation, or have a debate on a particularly engaging issue to show you have the smarts of a well-rounded single person.

Play Taken

Most people feel challenged when they think they cannot have something. It is the old saying “you want what you can’t have.” Making someone thing that you are in a relationship when in fact you are single can help get you more inquiries into your personal life than you may think. For example, a guy who thinks you are beautiful will try harder to have you if they think they can not. The same thing goes for women as well. Remain unattainable and watch your inbox fill up.

Looking Good

Many would think that looking good is for those who date offline in the traditional style. This is simply untrue. Why do you think you have the ability to add a photo to your dating profile? Adding the most seductive picture of yourself, without going overboard into sleazy, is one of the keys to a great profile and the key to getting the most messages in your inbox. It gives others an insight into your attitude, confidence and looks as well. This will have a positive effect and turn your single’s dating strategy into a winning relationship getting strategy instead.

When you can master these techniques of the singles version of online seduction, it will be even easier than ever to find the love of your life online. Whatever you do, do not give up after one or two tries. It is always good to remember that just because you do not find the right single to take you off the market the first or second time, does not mean it will not happen eventually. You never know when that one person single man or woman will show up and take you from the online single to the offline relationship in no time.

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