Filling out Your Profile the Right Way

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Online dating takes a lot of time and effort. That is probably the last thing anyone wanted to hear. No one ever wants to put the necessary effort into the little details of dating. But there is a secret to this amazing world. You cannot expect to fill out your profile and forget about it. Just writing a few words about yourself about where you went to school or where you work and adding a picture is not enough.  


When you fill out your profile and account details and then add a photo, you save it to your profile and that is when the fun begins. If you want women to notice you, you have to construct a profile worthy enough for someone to want to look at it. Ask yourself this… Is your online dating profile worthy of a special woman looking at it? When you have your answer, you may then proceed to heed the following advice.


First things first...

...fill out all the normal stuff about you and then add a photo. Yes, I did just tell you this is not the only thing you have to do, and I meant it. One you have gotten to the area where it asks something like “What kind of woman are you looking for?” or “What do you want out of life?” you need to think before you write anything. Never, ever, write the first thing that comes to mind. This can hurt your chances of being successful in your dating endeavors. The point is, you need be honest with yourself about what you really want. If you aren’t honest with yourself then you might wind up dating someone who fits the needs of what is on the profile, not what is right for you.


Always think positive.

What I mean by this is don’t be too negative on your profile! So you hate classical music, or you think the last President was a bum. While these things may be true and you just might want to be sticking to the honesty factor (a good thing), this is the wrong way to go about writing about yourself.


You wouldn’t go into a job interview complaining, so why do it with women? When you state the negative aspects of yourself or the world, it reminds women there is much to worry about and it will repel them from you. What woman wants to see you already complaining-and you haven’t even talked for the first time?


A good approach is to write about the good things in life.

Focus on things such as the movies you do like to see, and if it’s a chick flick or a shoot-em-up, say so. Write down how much you like salsa dancing-and how you are great at it. If you write with a positive attitude, your writing will reflect your state of mind, and somehow, people can sense feelings and attitude when reading it. A certain flow of feeling that comes with what you write and it depends on the attitude you have at the time. If you are writing when you have a head cold, or a headache and filling out the profile seems like a chore for you and is not fun, the next person, and everyone after, will feel that negativity in what they are reading.  


So, once you have figured out what you will be writing, it’s time to pick a photo of our self. This is probably the part where everyone cringes the most. Most women and many men think of themselves of not good-looking enough to use their real picture. Most of the time, they are wrong. Using your real photo is a must whenever possible.

You want to give women a good sense of who you are, right?


If you think your pic is just not good enough...

...whatever you do, do not put up a fake photo of someone better looking or more muscular than you. Here’s why… When you use a fake picture, the woman who is finally meeting you is going to most likely be highly upset and caught off guard. Part of the reason why women pick the guy they want to talk to online because of the way they. That is almost 50% of the deal.


So when a woman meets a man for the first time and you look nothing like the photo you used, it’s most certainly a deal breaker. This is because you were dishonest. Yes, it is that simple. It may actually turn out to be the woman likes the way you look, but because you lied from the get go, she will feel she will never be able to trust you. That is the worst way to start a relationship.


Ok, so now you know what you have to do to your profile...

Go do it! Just remember that it makes more sense to be open and honest with yourself, and the online community, than it does to try to hide yourself. Not only will the honesty itself be attractive to a woman, you are more likely, actually, to get the type of woman you want to have to have first time around. This can make all the difference in future online adventures. Good luck and get writing!

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