Avoiding and Stopping Online Dating Annoyances

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Now you know about the varying degrees of online dating site annoyances, mild, moderate, major, and dangerous, it is time to learn what you can do to avoid these types of people as well as what you can do to stop the annoyances once they start. What are you supposed to do about it? Well, that all depends on how they annoy you, and what the severity of annoyance they create is. The different degrees of annoyancedetermine the outcome of what you can do about it.

Mild Dating Site Annoyances

You can ignore the mild annoyances, for the most part. The email and messaging annoyances are, for the most part harmless but indeed annoying. The people rendering these annoyances will most likely will just fade away and find someone new to annoy.

Moderate Dating Site Annoyances

These are the people taking over the dating site. What they don’t realize is their actions almost guarantee they will eventually have someone contact them only to let them know how annoying they are or a moderator taking action to kick them off the dating site. This is where you want to start reporting the person annoying you to te moderator. This type of person can easily progress to the stalker in no time so it is best to stop it before it gets to that point

Major Dating Site Annoyances

These are the people who can’t take no for an answer, but they are not tactful about it. They are ignorant on purpose and don’t care what you have to say about anything. These people are te ones who, most of the time, turn into stalkers. Intervening to stop them contacting you is necessary and you must do it now before they do turn into a stalker, find where you live and someone is killed. Seek help immediately from the online dating site moderator as soon as any annoyance escalates up the chain to try to stop it before it can get any further.

Dangerous Dating Annoyance

This is not easily controllable and requires outside help. These are the people who escalate past the major annoyance and become physically, emotionally and mentally threatening. These people are usually psychologically troubled, and do not give up until their “target is acquired.“ In these cases, not only do you want to report the person to the online dating site moderator, you also want to contact the police. Contacting the police will make a record of the incident, whether it happened on the dating site or not, and something is guaranteed to come out of it.

How to Handle Online Dating Site Annoyances?

There are things you can do to counteract this “online dating syndrome,” even if others on the same dating site don’t think anything of what the person is doing to you. If someone starts annoying you, email the moderator and let them know your concerns and give him any details that you can. This makes it easier to confront the person in question. If the dating site is going to do something to help you, you must give as much information as you can to make your case. At the first signs of a problem, using the “Report abuse” or “report this person button” located on the person’s online dating site profile can sometimes stop the problem in its tracks. When people seem like they are just on the dating site to cause trouble, they usually are. That said, the person in question may have a bad reputation and other online dating sites may have kicked this person off for the same infractions. For this reason, check with other dating sites to try and get more information to give the police or dating site moderators. Keep Online Dating Sites Safe & Fun It does not bode well for the online dating site owners to let incidents like this happen on any dating site. That is surely no way to run a business. This is why almost all online dating sites, whether free or otherwise, have moderators. They also use “report abuse” and “repost this person” buttons what you can make use of if someone seems to be getting out of control. Keeping an online dating site safe so the online daters can have fun is in everyone’s best interests, so it makes sense to help the dater. Even though there are no formal laws concerning these incidents in most countries-there are no dating sites that even require a background check-online dating sites are great at helping those in trouble and investigating the person in question. Everyone working together can help keep the onlie dating site environment a safe and fun place to find love, despite the annoyances.

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