8 of the Worst First Date Mistakes

Set your mind right and avoid the biggest mistake you could make, messing up on your first date
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After much hard work and worry, you have your first date with your newest find. The next step is to set your mind right and avoid the biggest mistake you could make, messing up on your first date. All the hope, money spent, preparations could end up just frustration and a bruised ego. Let’s take a look and explore some of the biggest mistakes ever made. Read on...

Flashing your $$$

Ok so you’re loaded. That is certainly not why you’re going, is it? Or alternatively, if you’re broke it you’re going for happiness not profit. So it doesn't matter right? Whatever the case, never ever use your wealth to try to impress your date. It’s always wrong and will twist the future relationship. Nevertheless, the most likely outcome is offense, either your flashing will embarrass or annoy, or your complaints with annoy or embarrass. If you have money, keep it to yourself and if you don't keep that out of the picture as well.

Talking About Someone Else

There will be much to talk about. You are both learning about each other for the first time and hopefully, for a long time to come. The last thing that you should ever discuss on a first date is your last relationship. Even worst than that is chatting about your CURRENT relationship. Either way you’re done, pack it in.

Talking About Sex

Never, ever discuss sex. Not in any capacity or context. The reason is that no matter how the subject comes up it will end up the same way, in discomfort. Even if the conversation is innocent the problem is that your both charged emotionally, this can lead to slips of the lips. That is just too much to risk to make a point of how you feel about harassment in the workplace.

“Full Contact”Dating

This is your first date. We have all seen the adorable images of people holding hands and strolling. That’s a third date thing, if you’re very lucky and very smart. You should endeavor to keep it that way. There are a few slight contacts that are acceptable like a kiss on the cheek at the goodbye, a hand on the small of the back entering a room or crossing a road. Leave it that way.


Look, this is for all the marbles. You are here to hopefully change your life and open your inner self up to another. So why would you want to misrepresent yourself? What is the point of acting gregarious and lively when you prefer a good book or your backyard? The idea of pleasing them will end up with you being miserable. Be yourself.

Dating Game

Just because you are on a date does not mean you should be taking all night ABOUT dating. It may be funny what happened on your last date but it is not going to be funny after you tell the story. And its not relevant that you've been on X number of dates and have found that... Your here to learn about them not bore them to death.


Once you meet and introduce, the world stops. Your world, their world, all of it. So, donot screw up by opening the door to argument about national policy. This should be a perfect world; one where there is nothing but the two of you and your potential future. There is time enough to learn that you do not agree on some things.

Keep to the Script

No surprises, please! Ifyou have agreed to go to dinner by the wharf then go there. Don't show up in a Limo with tickets to France in hand, just don’t. And never, ever ask if they'd rather have dinner at home instead.

So now that you know what 8 of the biggest dumb moves that you can make on a first date, you have a chance to avoid and have a fighting chance to find love.

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