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About Us - The Best Things In Life Are Free

SixSingles.com is a completely free dating site - hopefully you already knew that! For us being free a very important thing. In a time where everyone wants a dollar here and a dollar there we are offering you something for nothing. You can put your credit card back in your wallet as it won’t be needed here.

No charges, no premium memberships, just free.

On top of that we’re also trying to be the best service out there.

This means we’re constantly building tricky software to keep the fakes away, to help you find the best matches and to make your time as enjoyable as possible. We do this by listening to our members suggestions and taking care of our members interests.

We want what you want – so if you have an idea or suggestion – tell us!

About Our Members

SixSingles is a global site. We want to offer everything to everyone, but unfortunately we’re forced to block certain areas due to the problems people in those countries cause for us.

Most of our members currently come from the following top 5 countries – however we’re growing as each year passes so we hope to see more and more people from everywhere around the world!

United States 78.6
Australia 3.7
United Kingdom 3.3
India 1.3
Canada 0.9
Other 12.2

The following picture gives you a good idea of just how many countries we get visitors from:
SixSingles Free Dating Site visitors

Protecting Our Members

At SixSingles we know how important it is to have a good time online. To that end we have gone to quite some lengths to keep out the undesirable elements out there on the internet. We have in place extensive automatic detection to try and weed out fake profiles and spammers before they do any harm. This filtering is designed to be as unobtrusive to your experience as possible – no annoying unreadable phrases or pictures to key in – just go about your business and we’ll keep an eye out for you. We also have people manually reviewing photos and profiles to make sure everything looks ok.

Unfortunately the odd one or two nasties slip through our nets, but we do our best to keep them out. If you see anyone who looks fake, or receive spam mail from anyone please report them and we will manually review their accounts.

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