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vagabond physicist philosopher geek
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Des Plaines Illinois United States
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  Thin, Slim
  Casual, Scruffy
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  Medium, Shoulder Length
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About Me

Who am I? I'm a vagabond physicist philosopher geek, a hoopy frood, an existentialist, a nihilist, a scientist, a sarcastic antagonist. I adventure and think and have a near-fanatical devotion to empiricism, logic, and rationality. I love computer and technology-related things and PC gaming. I love Dungeons and Dragons and other RPGs. My profile name is what it is for a reason; I don't think there is a single literary character that I connected with more than Yossarian from Catch-22, though I do think I would've gotten along well with Meursault from The Stranger.
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What I'm Looking For

A woman that actually has some sort of individuality. A good deal of self-awareness would be absolutely amazing. Someone that wouldn't mind grabbing a sleeping bag and going to spend the night on a nice hill just because they can. Someone I can obsess over videogames with. Someone that likes to hike and have awesome adventures. Someone I can play some RPGs with. Someone I can discuss philosophy and existentialism with, or read a good book with. Someone that is willing to venture into the unknown. Someone that has a diverse array of interests because they are actually INTERESTED in them, and not just to be able to say OH LOOK HOW DIVERSE MY INTERESTS ARE I'M SO QUIRKY LOL. Someone who appreciates my thoughts and ideas and brain, and can share theirs with me. Someone I can think about life with. Even someone that has some mix of the above, or at least some interest in trying out these things would be welcomed. My ideal match would be my best friend and philosophical partner, kind of like the Simone de Beauvoir to my Jean-Paul Sartre.

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