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Need A Soul Mate....
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The Basics
  Age: 65   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: wells Minnesota United States
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About Me

I love to laugh and often see the humor in most things, Therefore, having a sense of humor and an appreciation for the absurd and being able to laugh at ourselves and our follies is essential for any potential partner.

I was in a long term relationship(15 years) but my partner died just some years ago of esophageal cancer. That was quite a blow in many ways, and I am just now getting around to putting myself out there on the market.

I consider myself sensual and passionate in the right situation(s) and love a good active sex life. Good foreplay: kissing, touching, some talking, etc are as important as the love-making itself. Trying something new on occasion provides for an element of surprise, and keeps things from going stale.

Physically, I'm average, with a swimmer's build that today is somewhat untoned. The hat that I wear hides my hair challenged head,, but I'm not bald. .I'm not very athletic nor am I much of an exercise enthusiast, although I would like to be.

I can be very direct, brutally honest and critical, although I am working on that. At times I can be impatient and impractical, but for the most part I'm focused and determined.

I love the movies (more the art kind and those with Academy Award potential), going to the theater, concerts, and other live performances. I have a pretty broad range of taste in music, but not a big opera fan.

Wining and dining me is one way to win me over, but I also like to cook and bake.so an intimate meal at home is always an option. I know how to throw a party and am a good host keeping true to my nature which explains why it's more likely people will come visit me than I them.
The nature in me also dictates that I luxuriate in my own home which must be comfortable and inviting,

I have a keen aesthetic sense and love being surrounded by beautiful people and things. For me, the inside of a person is as important as the outside, but "eye candy" is always enjoyed. In addition to admiring art and all things beautiful, my love for writing and appreciation for good writing is an extension of my artistic expression and sensibility , as is the joy I find in reading which I don't do as much of as I should, Mostly, I lprefer and read fiction for a good story where I'm apt to laugh and cry.

In terms of a relationship, I'm looking to keep it casua at firstl-- play the field and have fun.In time, something steady would be nice and then eventually having found the right person-- someone who I find attractive, masculine and shares some of my interests, it could become serious and long term. Bear in mind that I am open to new interests, ideas and experiences as well.

Happy New Year to ya'all and I hope you find what you're looking for this year!

What I'm Looking For

Need a someone to take good care of me i need a woman to love me for who i am not what i have and i need a woman to treat like a queen.

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