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I am looking for true love me do my future husband
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  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: ?? Shaanxi China
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This user hasnt filled in any details
About Me

I am Chinese girl, I have a bright and cheerful disposition, stable work, I like to travel,
listen to music, I have a passion for stimulating sports, I like my friends together, because
I feel so happy, very happy! I love my family, because they keep the big adult to me, every
day I get up early in the morning like sing song, in a mirror to see his appearance! I like
reading books, because I want to learn more things, I hope can be found here and I am personality,
I hope we can live together!

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for true love me do my future husband,I really love me, I don't care about the size of the age and the international, also don't care his wealth and poverty! Only need to he love me a person, for all the days of my life!

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