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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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  A few extra pounds, Voluptuous
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About Me

My name is Amanda.

? I can't believe i'm doing this. Always thought omg i'm not a big enough loser to get on a dating site. Obviously I am but the people around here aren't working out. So just looking to see what happens. Lol.

? I have three dogs I love named Tater Tot- Lucy and Kitty.

? My car is my one true love.

? I'm a little hard headed. I have my mamas will.

? I don't believe in self-pity. It only brings you down. When the deck is stacked agianst me , I just play a different game.

? I like to go mudding. Weird I know. Most girls " eww mudd GROSS. " Not me, The dirtier the better. = )

? I can bait my own hook when I go fishing.

? and Just because I can party with the guys , doesn't mean i'm one of those manly or tom-boy girls. I am very secure with my sexuality and I can go from my boots , ripped up jeans and t-shirt. To a dress , make-up and heels , no problem.

? I'm going to school to be a Vet Tech to begin with then hopefully a vet. and Hopefuly will be going to AandM. Sorry horns. Beef is what's for dinner.

? I like to dance even tho I'm terrible.

? I think you should live life with no regrets.Whatever happens. Happens.

? I may not be perfect , but some parts of me are awesome.

? I'm clumsy and trip over everything.

? I'm extremely shy , until you get to know me. Then you'll laugh at me being referred to as the shy one.

? I love my family and friends , they mean the world to me. but if the zombies chase us , i'm tripping them.

? I suck at the talking part of being a girl , so I can listen to someone talk about their problems for hours.

? I love lightning and thunder.

? I love the rain.

? I believe in God , I just don't agree with everything the Bible says. Someone told me I was going to go to hell for that , I laughed and said that wasn't the only reason I was going to hell.

? I try to be as random as possible , I think it has to be boring to be exactly the same.

? Reading is my secret escape from reality.

? I love to text. =).So if you don't have my number , ask for it!

? I love to color.

? I'm addicted to Pickles .

? I adore Starbucks.

? My favorite color is the rainbow.

? I love sharpies.

? I'm a nerdy type of chick.

? and Me and My army of evil gummy bears are going to take over the world!

What I'm Looking For

Tall dark and handsome is always nice. = P. But honestly not getting my hopes high for meeting " the one" but mainly just meeting new friends. Whatever happens after that happens

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