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Looking for a good girl.
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Portsmouth Ohio United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

Hello everyone my name is Shane I live in Ironton Ohio and work in Portsmouth Ohio I am 6’3 and I have meat on my bones, I love my job I help care for individuals who are DD or MRDD, I care about the people I take care of a lot.
I love kids and would love to have a family one day, I have always cared about children I have helped raise my 3 nephews for around 12 years now and I would never trade them for anything.
I love music pretty much all music But I mainly listen to heavy metal and punk things like that, some of my favorite bands or singers are Dragon force, my chemical romance, Lordi, 10 years, SevenDust, Nightwish, Lacuna coil, and hammer fall I also enjoy more classical sounding music like Josh groban, and the classic metal like ozzy and twisted sister and Dio. And some oldies like Buddy Holly. Also old Country music Like George jones.
I love Horror movies And if it has Zombies in it its even better.
Some of my Favorite Horror movies are Night of the living dead, Dawn of the dead, day of the dead, Shawn of the dead, The shining, it the clown, killer clown from outer space, and some other movies I enjoy that are not Horror is, Mr. Deeds, little Nicky, Star wars, pretty much every marvel comic book movie made, batman all of them, blank man, green mile, Howard the duck.
I also like to write though I don’t do it as often as I use to and I love to sing also even if I’m not that good at it,
I am a Very nice guy who would do anything for his friends and family and whoever he is with, Im Defensive in a good way, and Im also very giving.
Im used to being used in almost every Relationship im in and I would really like that to change, Im not an atm I don’t want to take care of you or do I want you to take care of me, I believe in being there for each other and caring for each other.
Im kinda of a nerd sometimes I like playing video games some, and I also like hanging out with my friends a lot.
What Im really looking for is someone to be my best friend and Beyond that, someone who would take me for me and wouldn’t be ashamed to be around me when there friends are around.
Someone who will not use me and someone who can at least tolerate my family.
Someone who also has some of the same Interests as me.
If you read this far feel free to drop me a msg, have a good day.
Ps I also have 5 piercing both ears my septum and snakebites.

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What I'm Looking For

For a good woman who will treat me right and Not use me.
Somone who can like me for me, and not be ashamed of who I am.
I am tired of playing games and want somone who will not play me like an Idiot.


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