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Looking for good friends and possibly more.
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Bronx New York United States
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About Me

Thainos I am more than an avatar. Most of my life is out here, buried in comment threads. You want to know all about me...do your homework. Me in a nutshell: LMD took the What do Your Eyes Say About You? quiz The result is Beauty When people look into your eyes, they see true beauty. They can tell that you're a down-to-earth, and honest person. Your eyes make people want to get to know you. You make friends easily and aren't afraid to speak your mind, but you always make sure to be kind and polite. If you don't like something, you let people down in a subtle way. You like to make yourself known, without going overboard. You are a gifted person that has inside and outside beauty, and you always like to flaunt it! Extrapolated version: I'm often stubborn, a shameless confessed flirt, but a sweet one. I like to think I'm fun and lovable. I treasure my friendships and family above most else--totally faithful to those I love. I am very tolerant, easy to get along with, and generally play nicely with others. So although I love an interesting debate, no personal attacks, please. If I ever rub you the wrong way, get to know me or give me a chance to apologize. I respect honesty in relationships, even if I don't always agree. I will respect your opinions and your right to disagree with mine as well. Every rose has its thorns. Handle me with care (respect) and you'll never know they're there. manhandle me and...watch out! I couldn't live in a world without laughter (or chocolate!), and surround myself with those who help make me laugh. I like to make those around me laugh too. I'm playful and will say almost anything for a laugh. I make faces too; you just can't see them. :P I'm still working towards my full potential. I believe anyone can accomplish fitness goals with enough support and positive reinforcement. Ask me for help and I'll be glad to help in any way I can. Friend Policy If you want to be friends, BE a friend. Make sure we have some interaction (Questions, Answers, Comments) and that we have something in common. If I haven't approved an outstanding friend request, it's either because I don't know you yet or you haven't made an attempt to get to know me. I'd like to get to know you first--peace! Email I value my privacy and promise to respect yours. I like to talk to friends and make new ones. I had to remove my other IMs from my profile, but if you're a friend, email me and I'd be happy to share it. Flattery and compliments. att TAino... godbless.
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What I'm Looking For

i don't discriminate of judge a book by it's cover but i do ask for respect and honesty. i believe i deserve the best because i offer the best. be humble,honest, funny, loving, goofi, freaky, passionate and deff have a goal set up for your future.

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