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Wit is in the ear of the beholder
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Harrisburg Pennsylvania United States
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  Stylish, Trendy
  Smokes only when drinking
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About Me

I'm going to be finishing up school in the next two to three years, and I plan to get a sociology, psychology, English, and/or philosophy degree... I enjoy understanding what makes people tick and why... heck... if I could I'd get all these degrees and more I totally would. I love reading and learning, but above all else talking about what I've learned with someone with the same thirst for knowledge as I do

MUSIC.... god I love it... going a day without it makes me pretty uncomfortable, and if I'm not listening to it I'm probably whistling or humming or something.... I'm very eclectic and I certainly have an appreciation for all genres, but I pretty much listen to everything BUT country and hardcore.... I understand why other people enjoy it... it's just not for me.... I also play the piano, a little guitar, bass, and drums, and I'm a pretty good singer

As for my specific taste..... I can't explain it..... if you really want to know we'll have to go on a road trip so you can listen to my ipod for a while (spoiler alert: you might just hear Josh Groban and Lil Wayne back to back.... yeah, it's weird... but I wouldn't have it any other way)

Thanks for reading my lifetime original series plot (sorry it's a little light on the drug addiction, woman beating, and child abandonment), and peace and love to all of you

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone smart, funny, witty, and a bit adventurous... someone who I can have a great conversation with and go see and do new and random things with. I'm not trying to jump into a relationship though... I just want to meet some cool people and see how it goes.

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