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awareness, authentic, outdoorsy, nature, animals..
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  Age: 45   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: British Columbia Canada
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About Me

I am a geologist originally,from France worked as a model in Paris, that makes me aware of the superficial side of humans.
I am very active, all outdoor activities ( passion for skiing and windsurfing ), guide people hiking, biking, canoeing, horseback riding ( love horses )...And dreaming of a wellbeing retreat-hobby farm -ranch, where i could enjoy and share this harmony between people, nature and animals around...For the special one it has to be a NATURAL woman, for the few left...(If your nails like to grow long, get polished or painted; my lifestyle doesn't suit you at all... ;-)no make up, cosmetics, all shaved etc..no comments please - no need to argue )Probably looking for someone younger for the possibility of kids ;-), and so far experiences with single moms haven't been great, unless proven otherwise...
I have a pretty strong personality, alpha type ( as my totem animal the wolf - i worked with them ), in a good way as i can be affectionate, romantic and a good listener, have a vocation for psychology, i am quite spiritual but no god for me thanks, just mother nature...I consider myself very aware, body and mind relationship, people find me unique and that i am an old soul...My planet being the moon, that means something....Oh ! If all that sounds too serious, i like humor, goofing, teasing, sarcasm, quick wit...
There is a lot behind the eyes too... i love the countryside, i can dress up very well ( but couldn't care less anymore ;-), enjoy fine dining once in a while but...I am multidimensional...I am well traveled, lived mainly in Norway ( besides France ), and on some islands...I am starting my business of coaching / self awareness / self improvement / massages. I am lousy cook, and don't have the motivation to learn, but love food, and definitely appreciate a meal cooked with love of course ;-), i contribute on other plans ;-).
Give this a try ; meeting someone special forever or... meeting people with similar affinities to share good moments through activities or hanging out, have fun...Carpe Diem .I can't be owned...;-)Please don't just put me in favorite...unless it's to write later ;-)better have a picture, so i can see behind the eyes..;-) If you can't stand for who you are ..too bad. No weed smokers.

What I'm Looking For

would really like to be in touch with someone very aware, self aware...no more pretending to be, no more ego pampering, hope you find me on hot. or pof...real = all natural - i guess i have to add from the smiles i get, all natural in respect of nature means what it means, if you wear make up, nail polish, all shaved etc...that is the opposite of respecting nature. So, being very simple, consciously; humility is key! no needy people, who are quite full of themselves, the pretending " i am a goddess bla bla- no thanks, i know it's hard to find....the egoless...Close to buddhist values, and similar taste/ values...Probably looking for someone quite younger to have kids, but connection is connection ;-)
If you want to marry, we definitely are not on the same page, marriage for me is for followers, past time religious dogma; As nature for example, just like animals do, you click for a soul mate, that's it, that's simple, for true love, not the one you need to sign a contract about .
No weed smokers thanks and if you don't have a representative picture, don't bother..They tell a lot to me as i can see behind the eyes, and if you can't stand for who you are then...


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