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Looking for love
Online: 2791 days ago   Updated: 2869 days ago   Joined: 2869 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 37   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Florida United States
The Details
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About Me

Alright,is these pictures of me totally suck ? just kidding... How do I even start to describe myself .I`ll make this short and sweet. I`m very driven and I work really hard for what I have. I am hoping to have a good job and car,my own home Bcos i have all my degree with me i need to get my self a better job. I may not be the most gorgeous woman to you, but my inside is just bursting with good things to share in a relationship. I`m confident enough to know what I deserve, but humble enough to accept rejection. I`m wise beyond my years but who doesn`t like dancing in the rain, or naked in the privacy of their own home? I know what I want and I`m dead-set against settling,so I`m not in a hurry for anything, however I would like to meet you asap after chatting it up, because you`ll never know if sparks will fly on all levels until you`re face to face and that`s what I want .SPARKS.I don`t care how far away you are, although I would like to keep it in these Earth. Obviously I haven`t found love in now, so who`s to say Mr.Right isn`t in some other Planet?
What I'm Looking For

Well, first of all, he has to have good teeth just kidding also . I`m talking straight and white. I can`t think about being close to someone without a nice smile. He has to be able to spell. Even on here, that shows some sort of intelligence. He must be intelligent. He must be wealthy enough to be able to take care of a family, as well or better than I take care of mine. I want my man to have the same ambition as I do. I am a goal setter and achiever. I know what I am capable of, and I set realistic goals and don`t let anything get in my way of reaching them. I have dreams too, and my other half must be able to support me, just as I will support him. He must realize that a relationship is a two way street and if you scratch my b scratch yours. I am not a typical female .I am not looking for anything that comes along and pays attention to me. I want a man that is going to give me everything I give him. Everything from time and respect to the sexual side of things. I am very giving by nature .and my ideal man will be too. He has to have his own opinion and not be afraid to go head to head with me on certain subjects. I don`t want a push over. I want someone to prove to me everyday that I am not always right and to put me in my place. I want a man who I can talk to for hours about nothing inparticular. I don`t want there to ever be a dull moment. I want someone who doesn`t mind having me prove my love and commitment to him every single day even if it`s just by words.

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