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Widower 4 far to long. Holidays alone omg.
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  Age: 52   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: E Memphis Tennessee United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut, Average
  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

I am a Widower also lost are child years ago. I have two other grown children with there own familys in another state. I am a hard-worker also very sweet and caring person. I have been alone for sevaral years. I am healthy with no disieses defently no sexuel ones. Because believe me I understand when you ladies say lets take things slow! My wife has been gone for years and I have been taking it ice age slow! I enjoy travel, animals, kids, beach. I am not rich! that depresses me as much as you! if you were considering dateing me!I make a great Dad or Husband and a horible Single person. I am the best cook you will find. I don't minde doing or helping with household chores. after years of single it would be a nice thing to have a cute pair of Panties come threw the wash instead of my chlose all the time!
Very talented in many hands on feilds. Automotive tech for 20 + years Construction worker for 15+ years a self pro claimed bodie and foot mesagest. Can fix and do almost anything I am also very energetic about things I enjoy!

What I'm Looking For

I filled out more than one of these things in the past couple years. begining to realy try to find someone. I still don't have the correct things to putt down. But I am just going with truthfull! So who ever is displeased Sorry in advance. What I bring to the table in my 40s is. good thick hair, My own teeth , a average to athletic trim to slim body that is very energetic with the things I enjoy doing! What I am looking for is a white woman ( no offencs ) that is average to slim to athletic build. I knowe they exsist I have seen them with rings on there finger. I knowe a woman with any build can be a great woman. I am not compareing or holding a contest! My wife was just over 5ft about 115 lbs with a 34c chest. You are not competeing with a dead woman. I putt her stats here to show my type of woman. I have been lonely for years and seen many women that were looking for a longterm relationship that were any of following bodie types, a few extra pounds, bbw, curvy, Not my type! I have the exsact body I had when graduated hi school. Same build and have not gained a pound. I am looking for a woman that her bodie looks fine in a two piece bikini when we go to the beach or pool. An even trade!My fit body ! you can throw a flag and say well! women have children! changing there body. My comment to that is! Hold your spouse than hold your child as they are pronounced deceased. Then strugle threw years of nightmare things happening rearing two other children. Trying to keep youself a sane and a healthy person with a fit body! I pulled it off!

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