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Looking For Someone To Love And Care For
Online: 1372 days ago   Updated: 1372 days ago   Joined: 1372 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 23   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Fort Stockton Texas United States
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  Stocky, Average
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About Me

I am an average kind of guy in most respects, but different than most. Unlike the guys that often parade around treating women as mere tools, I believe in that everyone deserves respect, especially women. I never hit women, that's my one outstanding rule. I don't cause fights, but I stand my ground when needed. I love my dogs, I have a black lab and a coon hound. I love to build things, fix things, and improvise when I don't have materials I need. Which makes me very good at my job when machines break down. I am an out of the box thinker, very intelligent and handy in most cases. I play guitar, though I may be a bit rusty, it has been awhile since I played, about 2 years. I play video games in my down time, like to watch movies, though scary movies and horror movies are not on the list. I am caring and usually pretty easy to get along with. I like to hear all sides of a story or listen to different ideas or perspectives on pretty much anything. Communication is key. I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and I am definitely a nerd. You know, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Superhero kind of nerd. I work at Halliburton as a scientist and earn a fair income. I am not much on travel, I prefer to stay at home. I like to have romantic evenings and show romantic gestures from time to time and find it important to love and care for one's significant other. I may be young, but emotional maturity is something I cannot often find within my age group. Most do not know what they want, are not financially stable, thus the reason for branching out through this site. I also write stories when I am in the mood, I also draw and love art in pretty much every form. I don't really know how to cook, I was never around when my mom made stuff and never picked it up. I am a patient person for most things, but somethings I just can't stand to be patient for, don't worry those are only small things like waiting for food to cook or something, other things like relationships I am more than willing to be patient. I am my own person and tend not to follow the crowds. I love to stare up at the stars and imagine what's out there. I try not to judge other people, but when I do (on accident, sometimes I don't even realize it) I will keep it to myself. I have a sense of humor, though, occasionally it may be dark. I love to joke around but know when it is necessary to be serious. I have a pretty good head on my shoulders and can think of a solution to most any dilemma that may arise. Whether that is a physical or emotional or relationship related impasse. Alright, enough reading, I'm sure your eyes are getting tired looking at this computer screen but I like forward to getting messages from you. Have a fantastic day.
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What I'm Looking For

I have no specifics when it comes to someone I am looking for, but I would prefer to find someone who is thin, slim or slender, and knows how to cook. I know that sounds pretty picky, and I apologize for the shallowness, but I won't lie about my preferences. Most everything else is inconsequential to my wants, I can tolerate most everything, but not someone who smokes or drinks more than just the occasional social gathering. It would be nice to find someone fun with a bit of an adventurous side to get me to try new things. Someone imaginative, artistic, and loves video games would be nice too.

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