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Interesting lives we lead these days... : )
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  Age: 32   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Wyoming United States
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About Me

Salutations… my name's Jon! : D I'm A graphic designer by trade, just playing the role of a curious adventurer, meandering the cyber topography of… eek! Online dating! : S

But seriously, for all of the questionable shenanigans that go on on "this her fancy inter web!"… How cool is it to be able to meet someone from outer Mongolia?!

Anywho… as far as JON goes...

I am one of the guys… Sports, heavy metal, action movies, general bro stuff.

I can be "one of the girls" with frightening ease… Dinner parties, clothes shopping, fashion, talking about feelings… and I genuinely enjoy all of it!

Since there's an above list of my interests, let's cover some personality traits and such… I'm a very comical person; people laugh in my presence! I'm in touch with all facets of ME, including but not limited to my emotions, mannerisms, flaws and skills. I'm a good friend and actually listen to what mis amigos have to say. I am very family oriented; I love my family! I am very creative… didn't see that one coming from the designer, eh?! And I'm very open minded...

I enjoy meeting people from different places. Part of me is certainly an adventurer, and I love to just drive around Wyoming and the surrounding states, seeing sites and shooting photos. So it's nice to be able to say "Gee, perhaps when I'm in so and so, I can stop and have a coffee with so and so!"

So… *with a priestly "gathering of the flock motion" * Let us gather, here in cyberspace, and converse! : )

What I'm Looking For

At this point, I'm in search of a relationship. However, I'm always on the lookout for friends, acquaintances, penpals and "activity partners" (e.g. someone with which to hike, go to concerts, etc). I love meeting new people and chatting online, and exploring the different ways in which people view the world.

I don't message people "looking to score". You may think otherwise… I am a guy after all, and I certainly know how my gender can be, and thus how we are perceived by women! : S But please, you don't know me yet so don't assume… (You may find that the whole "ass, u, me" adage applies!)


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