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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Pennsylvania United States
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About Me

I do not see a purpose in putting a lot here at the this time. I am simply someone that needs someone, but is specific about what they want. I'm very different from most people. I'm shy I don't enjoy partying or drinking, but enjoy seeing movies on occasion or just hanging out around home. I believe in working and believe anyone with any value believes in earning what they get as well. I do my best to be honest and dislike people who lie or steal or are into drugs. I'm very loyal and only seek one girl I'm not out there going well gee there are five or six that are kinda cute which one do I want, no I choose one at a time, and will continue to do so until I find one that get's along with me well. I'm not perfect and expect no one else to be, I just expect to find someone that will be happy having a guy like me. I'm a nervous person and very very shy, but I know the perfect person for me is out there somewhere. I'm kinda nerdy to as I like anime tv shows and stuff like that.
What I'm Looking For

I really could use someone that has a lot of understanding and intellect. I of course have to think this person is attractive as well as that is only natural. In other words someone that has some brains and is pretty and doesn't mind someone that isn't perfect, but tries his best to do things right. I prefer green eyes but honestly it doesn't matter on the girl if shes pretty her eyes will be pretty no matter what the color. I also addmitedly prefer slim girls. I would like to find one that has a sweet personality and doesn't get mad super easy. Though I wouldn't make a point to get her mad either lol. I don't expect to find anyone on here I tried eharmony's personality profile thing and it claimed it couldn't find anyone that matched me. It seems I am a pretty unique person. A girl that enjoys video games would be nice as well and that doesn't mind a guy that occasionally enjoys sitting and listening to a mp3 player quietly.

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