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Nice guy looking for dream girl
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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Illinois United States
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I kinda answerd all of this in the next section so I am just going to keep typing so that it will let me go to the next step
What I'm Looking For

My name is Walker. Basically I am just a fun loving guy who has just been in bad relationships my whole life. I have always been the kinda person who never really judged anybody and because of that I have gotten with alot of women who loved the things I would do for them and the way I made them feel but never wanted to give that feeling back. I want to meet somebody who likes me for me. I want to meet somebody who wants to please and make me happy as much as I want to them. I love doing things for the person that I am with. I want the person I am with to feel like they are the world and it makes me happy knowing that I do that for them. I'm the kinda guy that will let you know everyday how beautiful you are and not treat you like shit when you do something dumb, everyone does once in awhile. I never understood why so many woman hook up with assholes who call them names and beat them and all those other things that nobody deserves. Guys like that deserve to have thier dicks ripped off and get ass raped by satins giant dildo chair for all eternity in my opinion. I think just about all woman just want to find a guy who will make them feel good about themself and feel important. I am that guy and always have been, its like I said though I am ready to feel the same. I want to feel good and not stress anymore, fighting is pointless to me unless its something of great importance so I usually don't even give into that. Life is fucking hard enough without all the drama that doesn't even really need to be there. Now Im not saying that people never argue because we just do, thats just the human species for you. But why would you want to be with someone your constantly fighting with and starting drama over stupid shit. I think when your with somebody you should always just try and have fun with each other and let go of the tiny things that don't truely matter in the big picture of life. But anyways I really am a good guy, i just know in my heart I recogize when something is wrong and always choice the nice guy option rather than the asshole. If your interested send me a message

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