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Moral, kind vegetarian seeks moral, kind man
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The Basics
  Age: 59   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: Florida United States
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  Slim, Thin
  Average, Clean Cut
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  Very Long
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About Me

I'm a moral, kind, honest, sincere and gentle person, and I have a very compassionate nature, especially toward children and animals. Lately, I've become a bit disappointed in people; I guess because so many seem to be out for themselves or what they can get out of someone. Don't get me wrong, I still hold out hope for the human race, even if that may be a bit foolish. The way I see it is, if one doesn't have hope, what do they have? My friends look at me as the eternal optimist. My family usually sees me in a bit more realistic light. As for the way I see myself, I think I'm somewhere in between positive and negative. Sometimes I see the flowers through the thorns, and other times all I see is the thorns. I guess it depends on what's happening at the moment. I love art, ice skating, all animals, helping people, helping animals, writing, reading, learning, ice skating, horseback riding and bowling. I'm not much of a drinker...maybe once or twice a year for a special occasion; about it. I don't do drugs, nor do I smoke. I'm a vegetarian because I don't want to contribute to harming animals. If you're not, that's fine, as I know it's a personal choice one has to make for themselves. I am not seeking a one night stand, and I'm willing to wait for marriage (not to dangle a carrot,) since I think it important to REALLY get to know someone. I figure if someone can commit to marriage before they sleep with you, then the odds of them breaking their vows are better than average. Additionally, if you both wait that long, well, a few months down the line you may discover that person isn't who you want to be with, long term. That, alone, can save both parties a lot of aggravation. If it works out, THAT is called 'COMMITTED,' and that is what I hope to have with another. My hair is reddish/brown with blonde or gray highlights (dependent on whether I used L'oreal that month or not, hehe). Feel free to contact me should you wish to know more. :)
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What I'm Looking For

Hopefully, I'll find someone that has the same values as myself; someone that is caring, sensitive and kind, not to mention, devoted and honorable.

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