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  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: barberton Ohio United States
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  Casual, Stylish
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About Me

hell i dont know i've never done this uum....I'm David =D I'm a pretty outgoing person and funny person, well, try to be funny atleast but it seems to work pretty alright.i like getting tattoos,but considering that they're expensive,tis an occasional thing

making music,shreddin on the fiddle and things like that is really my favorite thing to do,i used to be the lead vocals in a band for quite a while and played shows every weekend but when full time jobs conflict with band time..it dont always work out =/. I'm into cars obviously because i work on them everyday lol,i do enjoy enjoy what i do and i'd hope to make something of it one day. maybe open my own body/tuner shop one day, that'd be pretty awesome.

I appreciate all types of music but my prefered is metal/rock,i mean its what i like but i dont judge anyone for their tastes in music.to each their own ya know,btw Lamb of god is my all time favorite band. If you're into them then i like you already lol =]

"I don't follow my dreams, I just ask where they're going and hook up with them later" =]

If you'd like to know anything else that i havent already put, just ask. i'll reply to everybody =] ITS GON' RAIN!

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What I'm Looking For

Well first off, i'd like a girl that i can have a intelectual conversation as well as a silly one.
A girl that can challenge my mind automatically attracts me.
have a good sense of humor, it doesnt have to be the same as mine because i highly doubt that anyone has the same sense of humor that i do lol.

thats really all i can explain,i'd have to talk to said person and get to know them in order to realize that it is indeed them that i'm looking for ya know?


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