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Dare to Dream. Dream to be Different
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: 47150 Indiana United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

Hi I'm Kayden Lee! You can call me Kay, Kayden, or if your really want you can call me Kaylee.
I'm a HUGE tom-boy and that isn't going to change. I love football and basketball and...well sports in general. I'm more one of the guys then I will ever be one of the girls. I much prefer sitting at home on Sunday and watching the game then going to the mall. I dress and look like a guy because it's me. Boys, I hate to break it to you but your clothes are very comfy. And the look...I just never got into make up and the need to maintain myself. So this is me. Country, tom-boy, short and most of all loving.

So what about me would you like to know? lol. Oh let's get this out there right now. I'm not looking for a one night stand. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. If you want to drink on occasion that's okay with me =]. I'll be your d.d. lol. But I'm sorry I don't want anything to do with drugs and I can't handle the smoking so if you do that you might as well be on your way. I'm not saying your a bad person, I just can't handle the smoke and I don't want to be mixed up with drugs.

I'm currently living in New Albany on campus at IUS. However, I'm transferring to UMUC for online classes in emergency management with a minor in...something. I'm not sure about that. UMUC is a great school with amazing programs but I can't afford tuition and cost of living so I'm dong distance education.

Oh what else...Oh I'm a huge Tennessee Vols fan. As a matter of fact I love everything Tennessee period. I hope to move there someday.

I can definitely be a handful, I'm quite goofy and outgoing but it's something about me that most people love.

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for confidence and a deep soul. I'll be happier looking into your soul and seeing the you that you are instead of the you everyone wants to see. I really don't care what your body type is. Anything from skinny to chubby to full figured to muscles everywhere. Give me a good 'ol country 'boy' or a city slicker. As long as you can see yourself in a cabin in the mountains someday then I'm happy =]. Yes I want kids but I don't know when...and of course I want to get married eventually.

It's the little things I love...kiss on the cheek, tell me you love me (once we are there of course lol). Just cuddle with me on the couch and I'll be happy. I can't wait to find the love of my life and start my adventures with them. So where are you? I'm waiting. =]


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