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I'm ugly, but interesting.
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The Basics
  Age: 24   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Colorado United States
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  Occaisional smoker
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  Shoulder Length
About Me

i'm a fairly average person and my life's not all that exciting. i've only been to the moon once and as much as i'd love to fight off a hoard of zombies, that hasn't happened yet. i enjoy writing, reading, art, music, long walks, and quiet nights at home. i'm in high school. i graduate in may, and next fall i plan to enroll in college and double major in english and technology. i feel for starburst, because i too am a contradiction. my opinions and views vary quite a bit. i'm a million things at once but just one person in a sea of many. my thoughts are ordinary and at the same time, individual. i stand out, but i'm invisible. i'm sane, yet oh so crazy. i make no sense to anyone but myself and sometimes, even i don't understand me. i've seen an accomplished so much and at the same time, nothing at all. i'm struggling to paint a picture of a perfect life, in a perfect place. one that will never exist, and i know that, but i guess that's what everything really is about. reaching for something you know you can't grasp, painting pictures in your mind that you'll never see in another place, striving for perfection when your efforts are seemingly for nothing and somehow becoming something great. life and all it's wonders are still being revealed to me. every day i learn something new. i just don't want to do it alone. i love to meet new people and i get along with just about everyone. so talk to me. see what you think! (:
p.s. the whole ugly thing is just a joke. so while i appreciate the thought, compliments are definitely unnecessary. haha
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What I'm Looking For

I can't explain what I want in a guy. I want to get to know all types of people and see how it goes from there. I relate well to just about everyone and its always nice to make friends. :)

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