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Easy going guy
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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Portsmouth Virginia United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

First off what's with all this "hey dude why are you on here? you're really hot. Seems like you'd have no problem meeting anyone". NEWS FLASH: most "Hot" guys will only date other "Hot" guys and guess what..... and the last one I dated was a cheating jerk. Enough with the party's and clubs lets try something different. So this time around I am going to try a "normal" guy.

I am a hopeless romantic, always searching for that special someone. I am real picky, I work hard to be who I am so I deserve to be. Gym and adrenaline junkies to the front of the line please. Big outdoors guys, love to go camping, hiking or mountain climbing. I like spur of the moment activity, always looking for the next adventure.

Physical fitness has been a part of my life from very early on. Its kept me going and has helped me stay alert and healthy . Just this last year I’ve tried my hand in multiple endurance sports to make me more of a well rounded athlete. I stay motivated by seeing the people who depress me by not having the life and body they care about. CARPE DIEM B***ES !

What I'm Looking For

Oh the first date... Could always go with the classic dinner and a movie but that's too stale for me. Probably something more fun and exciting like a concert or rave or something. Step it up a bit. Maybe a day at the beach with some friends to break the ice, with a fire when the sun went down. But as long as we could just relax and get to know each other... That's cool with me. Open for anything.GO FOR IT!

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