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Looking For Mr. Right!
Online: 3245 days ago   Updated: 3246 days ago   Joined: 3246 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 39   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Arizona United States
The Details
  Yes - living with me
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About Me

I am very direct and will speak my mind. I am honest, almost to a fault. I am very caring and I always put others first. I do not play head games. If you can't communicate with me in a actually conversation containing more then a few word sentences, then please dont even attempt to message me. I am fun, love the outdoors, willing to try new things. I like to do indoor activities as well, dining, movies, casino, room service for a weekend.
What I'm Looking For

A man that is not afraid to ask for what they want or want to know. A man that can be direct. You need to be caring, honest and up front with me. You have to be able to chase me around the house in a playful manner but be able to sit down and have a good conversation with me. You cant be afraid to open up to me. I dont want a man with alot of walls up. That can through caughtion to the wind but still be a good person. You have to like or have kids as I have 2 most of the time, they go with their dad on the weekend. You have to be open minded and willing to go with the flow but also be able to plan something special or just to go do. You have to be able to be you at all times no matter where you are or who your with. You dont have to be attractive, just attractive to me, as I think that is an important element in a relationship between a man and woman, otherwise its called, friends, which is okay too, but dont get upset if that is all I am offering you.

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