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I didnt trip,I was testing gravity, It still works
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  Age: 28   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Georgia United States
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About Me

I go to school for mechanical engineering. I like to stay in shape and I like to keep my mind sharp. When I'm not going to school I'm training for triathlons or doing something with my church. I was born and raised in Ga, so I suppose that makes me a southern guy. To the point, I dont say "Ya'll" or "Aint" or speak with a southern drawl even though I can. I don't like football or team sports and I generally don't like things that alot southern people do enjoy(muddin', four wheelers, big trucks, country music). I'm a bit different. I do like lots of stuff outside, like or hiking, or just walking around at park. I enjoy the simple things in life. When I'm around people from foreign places there is something about learning from each others culture that is unexplainable. When I finish school I'm moving to Europe to learn about other cultures, learn languages and try to experience what the world has to offer. I can speak Spanish and German! For music, I like technoanddance music(Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Orjan Nilsen) even though I cant dance, BUT I CAN fist pump like people from Jersey Shore. I also like Metal(Soilwork,In Flames), but I'll listen to pop music too. I love being creative! I make my own techno songs on occasion. Most songs I paint pictures in my head of a setting that it would take place. I like to draw things and sculpt things even they may not seem like much there's always a meaning. I can play the guitar and I'm learning the piano. I don't like country and I don't like rap. Especially songs about "****es and hoes". I have a pretty easy going personality and I laugh at stupid things. I love animals! Especially dogs, they're the most humble creatures in the world, sometimes I think people could learn a thing or two from that. I have a strong drive to be successful at whatever I do. However; life is short and I think sometimes you just have to go with flow. I try to live my life with passion everyday. I like to be a so called "people polisher" looking at the good things in people and making them feel good about themselves! Everybody needs a good compliment! Anybody can focus on the bad/negative things. I like to give back to people, I like to help people less fortunate than I. There is an indescribable feeling you receive when you help others. I'm a religious man(not a bible thumper), but I always try to keep my path aligned with God and put Him first. If you're not religious that's fine with me I will never preach to someone who doesn't want to hear it. Money is nice and all but I'm just fine with a pair of pants from Walmart as I am from Gucci. Now that doesn't mean I don't have style, nor does it mean I don't enjoy the more extravagant things in life. I just prefer to keep things simple.
What I'm Looking For

What I look for in a special someone is, openness, honesty, a passion for god, a passion for other cultures, and a love for the outdoors. Eyes, and a great smile are a plus. If you're like minded and enjoy the same activities send me a message!

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