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  Age: 25   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: San Diego California United States
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Hello there! I'm Trevor! I'll follow a different outline and do my faults first (only cause you can find out a great deal about someone through their faults :P) : I tend to over analyze things, im an insomniac, and I drink far too much coffee due to frequent visits to starbucks to read and study! I'm just finishing my prerequisites to becoming an a nurse.

Hmm some qualities about me.. I would say I'm very intelligent I've had a 4.0 forever till sh*t went down.. And then more sh*t went down (for a later story which I know you're interested in) and from all that sh*t I grew so much and matured significantly.. I'm Probably more mature than most of my peers.. Also people say I have an "old soul." I don't like that logic because my soul is young, fun, and spontaneous! So I just think I've wisdom "bestowed upon me" though life.

I'm a fairly active person. I love to ride my bike, being outside, i can usually be caught in the park in my car with the windows jammin haha.. But i can also appreciate the occasional night in for some movies. I also love spending time with my mother. I owe her my life and she's the only one who raised me. Also I'm really into school and it's my main priority. I enjoy playing with my dog, and i love food.
My goal is to graduate college, and become a nurse, move out and see where my career takes me. My outlook on life is open so I'm down for whatever!

What makes me unique is probably my personality. I know how to make people smile, but at the same time im a great listener, and i love having deep conversations. There's much more to me than meets the eye, so dont be afraid to look deeper.
I have a pretty broad taste in music. Mostly i listen to alternative (Modest Mouse, Incubus, etc.) But i do have my rap moods, and my techno moods, oh and the reggae moods too!

Just in case you wanted a glimpse into my ego here's part o a list I made a while back..
50 things about myself:

1. I'm a happy person
2. I have a huge, well...
3 I have great hair
4 I can make people laugh
5 my sense of style is good
6 Il have an open mind
7 I'm attractive
8 I am an excellent boyfriend
9 I don't do drugs anymore
10 I don't lie

You only get 10 you must inquire for more!

What I'm Looking For

Im looking for a nice intelligent girl that is down to earth. Conversation is a must, so if you are boring dont message me. Im looking for someone to date and get to know better!

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