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Seeking an everyday, run of the mill blue diamond
Online: 2303 days ago   Updated: 2303 days ago   Joined: 2303 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 49   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Paradise Nevada United States
The Details
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About Me

I am looking for someone to spend about 45 years with. I am not going to be a pen pal or friend with benefits. I am looking for that all consuming, passionate, PDA, teenage love all over again. I believe one can either have that spark and jump start it or start with some common ideals and goals and then build it as one goes. I do not believe or have faith in much, I examine and make my own mind up... just like with you. Right now, I do not know you. I do not trust you. I do not love you. But I am open and if we connect I will be an open book and tell you all my fears and hopes and dreams. I will trust you as the best friend you will become unless you show me I should not. I will do everything in my power to show you how sweet you are and always that you are the only one for me now and for the rest of my life. Will I look at other women? Probably. Will I leave the toilet seat up, occasionally. But will I be the one you miss when we are working, yes. The love we will share will be strong and honest and sincere so all those little things from the past do not come up to effect us and the betrayals of the past will be forgotten because I will do things for you which continue to demonstrate day in and day out that I am content with you and happy with you and fulfilled with you.
What I'm Looking For

You if I messaged you or winked at you, I am looking for you. I know that sounds simple but it is far from that. I look at a woman's eyes and if I see despair or hopelessness, I turn the other way. If I see fear, I run. So there is something in you worth cultivating and nurturing in the hopes it grows into the love you and I both seek. You have been betrayed in the past. So have I. Realizing that, I need to instill in you trust so my actions need to be truthful and honest and so do yours. I am a one woman at a time dater. I need to feel that patience in you as well. I believe that if you have to choose between 2 or more women, none are right. The answer will come this is the one for me... and it is that simple. I am looking for a woman who has as many facets as the ring I will put on her finger. She can be grumpy and angry and controlling and manipulative. She can be selfish and lazy and arrogant and ignorant. I really do not care about the state you are in. Not that I will change you... "US" will change you. Just being loved for who you are, the good and bad, just exactly as you are right here and now, will show you a new level of acceptance and tolerance which will heal the wounds which caused you to be those negative ways and return the favor in kind. So I know you are flawed... so am I. I am not looking for a perfect woman. I am looking for a perfect relationship, one in which we grow closer together each day and melt into eachother's arms each night.

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