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  Age: 64   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Pensacola Florida United States
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  Clean Cut
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About Me

I am a very stable, loving person. I have a positive attitude, laugh a lot. I've had a good life and am esp. proud of who i am, my career and my relationships with family and friends. I'm greatful to have had wonderful parents, and all of the positive relationships made over the years. I love my poodle and enjoy music so much. I'm open to new activities; I keep myself busy with exercise, reading, long walks with my dog, eating out, etc.
What I'm Looking For

I love to laugh & enjoy life & always try to surround myself with positive people who appreciate all the good things in life & don’t dwell on that which is in the past or that they cannot change. While I’m sincerely alright being alone (I genuinely believe that it is far better to be ALONE than to be LONELY with the wrong person,) the honest to goodness truth is that I long to find a true partner & best friend to share the exciting 2nd half of life with. Someone who is just as interested in HAVING a partner as she is in BEING a partner. Open minded communication - romantic gestures - a sense of adventure - dependability - trust - affection - laughter - appreciation for the simple things in life - the ability to be ‘playful’ - sensuality ----- these are all important character traits to me, so having a partner who shares the same values & ideals would be an incredible find!

I am a deeply caring soul who is loyal to a fault to those I care about & would love to meet the woman who will eventually become my partner in the wonderful journey ahead & shares similar values of love, family & compassion & enjoys time with our extended families as much as she cherishes


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