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i'm tommy, nice artistic type
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  Age: 45   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: douglasville Georgia United States
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

my name is tommy, i'm a local artist (tattoo & airbrush, murals) i'm a nice guy who likes to meet new pepole. i have a lot of freands, and a super sweet 8 year old doughter. i have many hobbies, love animals and the outdoors. i usualy date younger girls as i have more in common with them. i dress like a tattoo artist as i am one. band t shirts & skinny jeans. but i can also pull of a nice dress shirt and slacks. i am super open and honest. and thats what i look for in the pepole i keep around me. i am even tempered and non judgmental.

I will let you know i have a complicated life. i was born with a bleeding disorder. my medication is made from blood. and when i was a young child i contracted HIV at the hospital. i have lived with this so long it is no longer a big issue with me. but it is somthing i like to put out ther right off. i have an undetectable viral load, so i am healthy in that respect. and niether my ex wife or doughter have it. i only tell this to so as not to wast your time and also to eliviate stress on myself. i am open and honest on any and all subjects. you can truly ask me anything. i'm also looking for freands. i'm a freand collector :)

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What I'm Looking For

personality is the key. but i would be lieing if i said i diddent have a soft spot for a pretty girl :) i like a girl who can carry on converstion. and has interest's and freands of her own. i'm a skinny guy so i usualy date women with a thin-average body type. i like an edgy. girl and tattoos and piercings are a plus. i am open to meet all types and love to send messages

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