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Avid reader and home cook seeks same
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The Basics
  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Oregon United States
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  None but want some soon
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

Please forgive the photo, I guess I don't have many good pictures of myself! I'm not currently bearded and I don't always wear a tux, but I don't think I look too different from this photo!

I'm 29, I work as a sterile processing technician at a small hospital, and I'm a Eugene native. Please don't hold that against me. I have a bachelor's degree in anthropology from the U of O. I'd like to turn that into a master's or better sometime soon. I showed some promise as a creative writer, according to my professor, and would like to do more of that. I've also been told I have a good "radio voice" and I think I'm going to take a voice-over class just for kicks.

I would very much like to travel more. I've been as far as Israel and enjoyed the experience of seeing a new place and new culture. Places I'd like to visit include Spain, Italy, Mexico, China, Turkey, Argentina, Russia... If I keep this up I won't have room to write anything else!

I enjoy to cook, as evidenced by numerous statements below, and am always looking to grow my repertoire of dishes. I improvise a lot, I seldom use a recipe as written but I usually consult four or five recipes for the same dish before I start. My family thinks I should cook for a living, but I think I enjoy it as a hobby. It's nice to come home and cook to relax, something I don't think I could do if I cooked all day!

I like going grocery shopping or going to the farmer's market. I used to do a CSA and would like to start that again. I had to stop because too many good vegetables were dying in the crisper. Very sad. I'm always up for a trip to the Grocery Outlet, it's always an adventure! From cans San Marzano tomatoes at 79c and good pasta for cheap to bargain cheese and wine I always find something worthwhile.

I don't enjoy having drama in my life, not big on gossip or scandalous stories either. I tend to be a private person and like let other people have their privacy as well, though I need openness in a relationship.

I'm more optimistic than I'm willing to admit, and for some reason I have a seemingly limitless belief in people's ability to do the right thing. I can be a bit single minded when I set my mind to something, which can be useful when it's something like cleaning the kitchen (Never move your fridge to see if you can. You will have to clean under it. It will not be pleasant.), though it can be less helpful when buying something on ebay (Just leave the house when an auction is about to end. It's a good idea).

I am not in the best shape of my life, but I have started jogging and am learning to enjoy it. I like to bicycle, hike and walk. I have to buy shoes with thick soles because I walk too much, and sometimes underestimate the distance to where I'm going. I've also started eating more vegetarian meals, which I find can be more challenging and satisfying to cook. (Though I have discovered tofu and meat really like to be in the same pot together. Just a little meat. I swear)

I'm not religious, though I do read a lot about religion and like to think I know a fair bit about most religions. I'm not one to argue with someone regarding their faith, or their politics for that matter. If they do insist, however, I will oblige, but only if they really, really want to. I prefer to be nice to people and not let differing opinions create friction. Can't we all just get along?

There's probably a lot more about me that I can't remember, or will remember later, but I guess that's some stuff you can think about. I'm just here to meet someone nice, who likes me for who I am and someone I like for whom they are. (Whom? Who says that? Is that even right?) I'd love to grab a glass of wine, a beer, a coffee, or just go to the art museum with you if you're interested. Thanks for listening, and until next time...

What I'm Looking For

Someone to spend some time with, hopefully the rest of my life! I'm ready to settle down and am looking for someone special to do that with.

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