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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: African   Location: Tennessee United States
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I am 24 years old, currently attending college with the hopes of getting my bachelor's degree in psychology in December of this year( 2011). I have a desire to finish school with my Ph.D and nothing can deter me from that all consuming goal. I am not interested in anything but a long term relationship, someone who has aspirations and who can support mine. I do not enjoy being patronized or feeling as though what I desire comes a distant second, or even third. I know the way I am stating all this sounds a bit severe and to the point but I have learned if you do not speak bluntly, people seem only too happy to misinterpret what you want and then blame you for their misinformation. Now, besides what I want, i am very sarcastic, my humor is based entirely on sarcasm, so take nearly everything i say with a grain of salt. Also, it is a MUST that you have a sense of humor or we definitely will not work out and you'd probably be very offended within five minutes of meeting me.Well, for those I haven't scared off, I'd be only too happy to talk to you.
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What I'm Looking For

It is common for those on this site to ask for sane people. i find that just a bit laughable seeing as life experience creates neurosis from simply existing. I find it more agreeable to ask for resilient people, those that have been through drama and set backs, and have come through it with only minimal damage. That, to me, is realistic and attainable and what I am asking for, personally. But, you do what you want in asking for a sane person, more power to you.

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