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A friend? A Lover? A Listener?
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The Basics
  Age: 43   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: California United States
The Details
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  Clean Cut
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  Yes - not living with me
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About Me

As much as I would like to make aquaintance with you under ordinary
circumstances, ya know like a restaurant, library, or a festival like a
free man, my current situation excludes that possibility, but just as well,
I have to say "the pleasure of knowing your name is all mine."

My name is Timothy RIchardson, but please call me "Tim." Meeting
under these extraordinary circumstances does not mean at all that we
can't come together like ordinary people. Matter of fact i give more
credit to our method right now because this gives us an opportunity to
really get to know one another and our intent before investing too
much emotion. Can't you agree?

Sharing dialog about our feelings in regards to politics, religion, and
perhaps even our inner-most fantasies.

Who wouldn't want that?

A friend? A Lover? A Listener?

I can be all that and some. My pictures only speak a portion of who i
am. Ya' know; great hygiene, and my taste in style and what not-like;
new sneakers, casual dress code, and all, says that I'm fiscally
responsible enough to take good care of myself, don't you agree?

Anyways, I found myself in this awkward predicament of looking for
friends via the web, because prison can be a lonely place at times. So
please, don't rush to judgement on me just yet. As well, I hope you can
excuse me if I'm out of order for steppin to you this way, but I've been
alone for quite a while and now I'm ready to share myself, interest, and
my kindness with someone like everyone else...is that so wrong? I
hope you can appreciate my honesty and you are feeling my style. If
so, I am leaving my contact with hopes that I can hear from you some
day. It would be nice to know if you could be comfortable and feel
secure when it comes to me. I'm not the kind to pressure anyone, i just
wanna know your name, and maybe one day we could hook-up, hang
out, and just chill.
Whether its on the phone or pen and paper or just in thought.

I don't want to draft so long an introduction as to hold up your day, but
hopefully I said something that might just change this outcome here in
a good way.

I'll be waiting to hear from you so until then create for yourself good
the truth,

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What I'm Looking For

a friend, lover, confidant, companion. I want someone who is down to earth, open minded, experimental and not afraid to do what they want. Someone who can go with the flow and gets along with anyone.

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