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laughter and casual
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  Age: 37   Gender: Female   Race: Asian   Location: Massachusetts United States
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About Me

I find it difficult pouring my heart out to the Internet. Letting everyone know who I am and judging me. But as I traveled through life, I have reached a point that I should let people know who I am upfront, this will perhaps minimize my encounter counts, but ultimately it optimize my opportunity to meet people who would like to know me as I am.

Most people will define me based on my work style. How often I changed and the reason I changed. I left most jobs because I’ve discovered that I no longer trust in what was presented to me. I realized that I couldn’t work for someone whom I cannot trust to be truthful to me and thus seek out something better, atleast for the time being. I have always been content with my decision and always happy at the new position, atleast for the first few months during the honeymoon period. There are a few that I wouldn’t mind going back to, but even so I did not regret my decision to depart. As far as my career goes, I have accomplished what I seek out to do.

I wish I could say the same when it comes to my love life. I often hesitates going into a new relationship when I know that he is not what I want, atleast not at the moment. My instinct steer me away from dating in those situation, but after much peer pressures I have giving it a try, atleast twice now. I cannot say I regretted those few times, although I know it has done nothing positive to my life.

What I'm Looking For

Today, I want to take the lessons I’ve learned in my career life and apply to this situation. I would be truthful and upfront as I have with work. I will put myself out there and mingle with many that I may encounter. I will hesitate from time to time to evaluate my situation and step away if I’m certain that I am unhappy. But for the time being, I will mingle then settle with one person and give my all in hope that he is what I want for the long term.

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