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An urban hermit ISO a Gitane
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  Age: 62   Gender: Male   Race: Asian   Location: Gardena California United States
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About Me

Moi? ... Ummm ... I'm a mind-twister so to speak, why is 1 + 1 = 10 in the computer class? If God created us then who created God? If Darwin's Evolution is right then where are the creatures more evolved than the Homo sapien? Does time exist? What had happened before the Big Bang took place? Why is a glass either half full or half empty? Shhhh... do you know there is one fifth of Estrogens in men as well as one fifteenth of Testosterone in women? Ah ... Chemistry? Oh ... you meant Pheromones (lol, or you prefer call it the B. O.)? Hey, check this one out! A study showed that when the male Pheromones are diluted to one molecule per drop of water is able to cause an arousal of female moths! Are you saying that the Olfractory nerve can pick up that single Pheromone molecule in the air? Are you as skeptical as I am? Are there extra-sensory perceptions? How do Pigeons navigate? Why there are tiny magnetic bars in our brain cells as well? Has our magnetic perception lost during the evolution? Does the Entropic perception exist as well? Does "chemistry" make any sense to you still? What role does "Physics" play in a relationship? Here we go again, why is a glass either half full or half empty? "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus", really? The Democrat is your left hand and the Republican is your right hand, now I'm going to chop off one hand, which one your choose? What have we learned from the Civil War? Are you ready for a Roller-Coaster ride? A proverb has it that "Men love with their eyes; Women love with their ears" but if you love with your ears then I'm probably not your type! :-) Oof ... Guess what have you missed if only relying on your 5 senses? Is there a thing called too spiritual?
What I'm Looking For

If Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Pope John Paul II, Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Lao-zi, ... are your role models then YOU are my type! My previous life was a Flamenco Guitarist so extra bonus if you have a second thought of been a Gypsy/Gitan(e) in your previous life!

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