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greetings from Walnut Creek
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The Basics
  Age: 63   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Walnut Creek California United States
The Details
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  Yes - not living with me
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  Very Short
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About Me

Friends told that I have been blessed with a great sense of humor (I love to laugh)... Hopefully it will be as exciting and you will be in it, I have a very engaging personality most of the time, however, I do have moments where I am reserved and reflective. I am a Christian. I am very passionate and affectionate, I'm very Honest, Loyal and Dependable...if kissing was a sport, it would be my favorite sport. Like most people on dating sites you either don't want to go out to local hangouts seeking companionship or you live busy lives and don't have the time. I do not hang out in bars and I live a busy lifestyle that does not let me have the time to meet quality people (women) for dating however I would make the time if I were to find the "Ms. Right".
The glass is always half full on this end... Always a Smile! I like the morning Sunrise, and the evening Sunset, and transform into a normal person after 6:00...I don't always believe what I read, but sometimes its good to give self reassurance... I don't like confrontation, and try to avoid arguments. (But sometime you need to express frustrations) I love a woman’s Hand, soft. I Like Soft lips that can be kissed for hours under the moon light. I enjoy thunderstorms, the wind, and lightning. I believe in pleasing a woman mentally, and with little gestures. I believe in Love at first sight, (2nd maybe) A solid relationship is built on a STRONG Friendship. (They need to be Best Friends) and enjoy just being together regardless of what they do!

I would really like to find someone who cares what's on the inside of a person bringing out the best in them. Someone who likes to have fun in everything they do whether it be just take off and go places or stay home and do things around the house. I'm very romantic and tend to take a romantic view of life, after all Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday!
I am a man with a big, good heart. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh, even at myself when I do something silly. I can be very serious and intellectual at times, but I know very well how to have fun. People say I am easy to be with. I am only an occasional social drinker.... I am well bred to be courteous and respectful and I do not tolerate well those people who are not. I do not anger easily. I like to stay active, Its OK to grow old just not older. I think I'm a good looking guy and after reviewing my photos some one out there will agree enough to respond. I hope.

What I'm Looking For

A good-hearted woman, humorous who is sensitive towards all people. One who is well educated, knows what is happening in the world and cares about it too. She is absolutely feminine, romantic, sensually passionate, especially around me! She loves music and dancing too. Life is both good times and hard times and my woman knows sometimes it may be very difficult. My woman will make the committment needed for a man and a woman to learn to love and take care of each each other for a lifetime. I wish for a woman who shares many of the values and also loves to laugh with similar humor. But I do not want or expect a 'clone' of myself. That would be boring for both of us.
There should always be some mystery in the relationship between a man and a woman, even if they are married for a long time. " Interesting differences are the spice of life " and keep the fires of love burning. Physical and emotional intimacy with respect binds us together. I want to know a woman who has a strong character and will tell me what she wants, and not expect me to be a mind reader. She likes to dress up, wear perfume that I like, go out and have fun, or just be 'snuggling' together at home. Fun can be nightlife, shopping together, driving in the car with wonderful music, sing together a favorite song, spending time with friends, taking a walk in the park, exercising together, going to a museum or even to a sports game. She is playful with an easy laugh and her smile at me can melt my heart. But who also enjoys staying home with her man and just enjoy being together, maybe watching tv, or a movie, or just be happy knowing she is dearly loved. She enjoys being surprised with a kiss or a hug. She lovingly smiles at me because she knows I love her forever and will keep her safe.
It would be nice if she can cook but I also can cook when there is a special person to cook for. It's fun to cook romantic dinners together. I know I would most want to be with a woman who enjoys good conversation and a glass of wine with dinner and candlelight... especially with her husband. Beauty on the inside can easily overcome ordinariness on the outside. And skin beauty does eventually get old, but inner beauty often gets even more beautiful. Especially when she smiles
I think if I met a woman with all of these qualities, I would wake up and find I was just dreaming! HA! I really do not expect at all the perfect woman. I myself am very far from a perfect man!
It will be much better and easier if she speaks some level of English so we can have meaningful communications. I love children, but I prefer that my partner only have older or adult children.


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