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You never know what you'll find within
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  Age: 51   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Aurora Colorado United States
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  Slim, Thin
About Me

To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

About me and what I am looking for. Like everyone I am looking for someone to fall in love with and be loved in return. So what makes me different from others?

I am not your typical 45 year old and I have troubles finding that one someone who is compatible with me physically, intellectually, emotionally, and sexually (yes I said it). So I will just say this...What speaks to my soul: Mountains embracing high heavens, waves kissing sandy beaches, wind caressing my face, rivers smoothing stones, streams bursting forth out of nowhere, sunlight folding me in a warm embrace, holding hands for no reason, cuddling to end the day or start it, deep conversations that open the mind.

With that being said, how do I describe myself? By nature I am a very passionate person in all areas especially when I believe in something body, mind, and soul. I am completely at ease with myself and who I am. I am completely natural (my family genes have been kind to me), jeans and boots type or high heels no matter the occasion type of gal. My friends say I am very deeply, simplistically complicated. Contradictory I know but take it for what you will. I am confident without being self centered and very determined in my endeavors. I am very analytical but non-judgmental and love and yes crave an intelligent conversation but I also love funny little things in the moment. I enjoy playful moments and try to incorporate them where ever I can. I do have a sense of humor but it is a little quirky. You would have to know me to appreciate it. I believe in doing good for others, I get a lot of joy out of that.

If you have made it this far and are not seriously interested in a relationship then go no further so that neither of us waste our time but if you are....

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What I'm Looking For

So what am I looking for or should I say not looking for. First I am not desperate and do not need to have anyone. I would like to have someone. I also am not looking for a hook up or a sexual encounter even though this is "fling", I figure somewhere there is someone compatible with me. So on that note... I would like to find that reciprocal compatibility. I am at a point where I would like to have someone to share life with. The person I want to be with must be independent not codependent, be motivated, and have a passion for something. I find confidence very attractive and if being honest, pretty sexy too. Someone who isn't afraid to take a risk and step outside their comfort zone would be ideal. I also expect someone who can show respect towards others as well as self, is trust worthy, have a romantic side, isn't afraid of PDA, has good moral values, and values family. Someone who is open minded and isn't afraid to share life's day to day happenings. One who can stop and smell the roses in their journey. I want someone who can walk beside me and be comfortable in their own skin. I want that one person I can talk to about anything from a day at work to my deepest and darkest secrets and fantasies. That one person I can look forward to starting, spending, and ending the day with. Someone I can look at and be with and be me not what they want me to be.


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