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  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Massachusetts United States
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About Me

Hobbies: Exercising has become quite the lifestyle change for me, love transforming my body into something different. It's a great way to relieve stress and just recently I've been introduced to the world of yoga. Listening to music is a big thing in my life. If you don't see me walking around with my hip-hop, RandB music player or music blazing in my home stereo or car stereo then something's really up u should stop and ask me; if there is something wrong LOL. Love going out with family and friends, either to eat or hit up the local clubs for some dancing. and YES i can dance salsa, bachata, meregue, quiet influenced by Hispanic culture and reggae. but my passion is tv production and acting, love going to or being in fashion shows.

Goals/Aspirations: Currently I've graduated with a bachelor's degree. Hoping to find something career-wise that fits my persona, also I've started taking classes to getting into nursing school, funny how I've went the opposite spectrum of my degree... I don't want to be sitting behind a computer or desk all day, meaning I want to be on the move and interacting with people. I have alot of energy, and I'm open minded to exploring, you know do some traveling around the world.

About Me: Overall, I'm a pretty nice guy. I consider myself a conversationalist. Very open-minded when meeting new people, plus I'm a gemini. I don't write people off unless they give me a reason to do so. I'm straight edge, I'm the type of guy who doesn't need to be tipsy to have a good time, I can be the life of the party by hitting the dance floor. I also consider myself quite the "people" person, which I think is something that comes naturally with me. I'm well-mannered and driven. I put passion into everything that i do and its shows and I'm not scared to take corol or be controlled.

"Me?. I am a mix of the effect,…I am a dreamer, a believer, an idealist. A knowledgeable, skilled, intelligent but silly, humble, nerd…raised in in the mean streets of bean…I am a writer, a movie critic, a sex freak and a lover…a boyfriend and a secret, a pro-peace but a fighter, a weak hearted but physically powerful, a friend but can be ur worst enemy! Night walker, moon lover, a drinker but not an alcoholic, a jazz and rock and roll listener an old movies fan who dance Merengue, bachata y regueton…a hip hopper entangled in randb, a seeker of stability who is open minded… An abstract minded but a tangible deed…Fire at midnight, Air at daylight…hostile but charming…who believe in destiny but I create my own! A kid in heart a grown man in age lol…pleasurable but conscientious individual… I have my limits but I break records… gamble with love but disgust the game...an adequate man in the social world, a whore with the woman I adore… submissive but dominant, I change roles lol…essential making sweet gentle love but I cant deny it I love my dirty, naughty forbid actions when it comes to f^and!…the reason and the outcome…I am a mess but a PERFECT ONE! Dont get it TWISTED!I AM ALL THE ABOVE and much more, all depends on the: what, when, where and who…"

Taste in Music: As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to music, my playlist is a who's who of music artists. Genres range from hip Hop to the Top 40s. Some of my favorite artists are Lady GaGa, Imogen Heap, BoA, Adam Lambert, Josh Groban, Missy Elliot and Coldplay. Going back to genres - Latin music (Bachata, Latin rock, Latin pop, Merengue, Salsa, and Reggaeton), RandB, Pop, Rock, Alternatives, Reggae, Ska, Techno, Dance, Electronica, some Country, Contemporary, Soul, Vocal, Anti-Folk, Classical, Hip-Hop, Indie, Jazz, New Age, etc. (As you can see, it's pretty eclectic LOL.)

I am spontaneous, deep thinker, and open minded

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What I'm Looking For

What im looking for is a loyal person that is honest not only with me but with herself. That knows there has to be a physical attraction as well as mental. That doesnt mind the out doors and family. Doesnt care if we stay in some nights and just do takeout and a rental. or even like an all out club hopping night

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