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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: South Carolina United States
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About Me

hi my name is carlton cato and i love God. i am fun loving and a true kid at heart. i love toys r us and chuck e cheese. i absolutly love to goof off, be spontanious, and have fun but i do know when to be serious. i LOVE to laugh and smile and it takes a LOT to make me mad. although i do spend a lot of my time inside, i love the outdoors and i love adventure. i love all animals, children and most movies. im really good at being kind and loving and putting my friends, family, and loved ones before myself even if that means that i have to do without something. id take a bullet for someone i love in a heartbeat. im very good at listening an promise to always be there if you ever need me. id go to the ends of the earth to make my loved ones happy. there is nothing more precious than a smile (other than a little baby ofcourse). im different. im not afraid to be myself. i am my own person in my own little world somewhere miles away. im completely random and a total goof and although i can be somewhat annoying at times, if youll just tell me, i promise to cool it down to your taste.
What I'm Looking For

please message me if...
you need someone to talk to
youd like a completely random conversation
youd like a serious conversation
you find me in the least bit interesting
your not just on here for sex
you have a bubbly personality
you love God
i just want someone that can love me for who i am. and dont be afraid to message me just because you live a million miles away. i promise if need be ill find a way to get to you if you want to meet in person. ill walk if i have to.


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