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  Age: 38   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Gresham Oregon United States
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  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Scruffy
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About Me

I get away with a lot because of my dimple and blond hair."Handsome" is just what I'm told by close female friends and ex-lovers. I guess because of my bone structure and eye and hair color means that I should be some sort of ladies man. I'm not trying to be all vain and "don't hate me because I'm beautiful." When you're female and good looking you get cat calls, when you're male you get women acting weird at you or not saying anything at all. By the time I realize they had wanted something from me be it sex or just a nice conversation, it's months later and I have missed my opportunity. Having Aryan looks is great, but being shy and stubbornly gentleman-like sucks ass.

It also creates resentment. At my core I am not at all an asshole, but the rigamarole of dating and understanding the female mind has in some ways turned me into one. I do my best to be honest and straightforward, I expect the same. I won't play your game. That's really lame. Why are liars so tame? Is society to blame? I JUST wanna nice lookin' DAME!

I've also gotten a bit 'huskier' in my 30's- "women don't care about that" apparently, even though I will probably encounter the opposite opinion. In the meantime, I'm just going to ride my bike a lot and hold my head high. Don't worry, I'm not obese- just look at the photos.

Shit hit the fan around '07 and it seems every year there's some new crises. First it was my apartment burning down, now it's my ma's ovarian cancer- those aren't even the worst things. I moved back in with my ma and grandma in '09, I don't regret it. Gresham is where rural conservatism and the 'mellow' Coast both took a shit, but I still like my neighborhood and I LOVE my grandmother's house.

Given the choice between money or time, I choose time. While I don't get paid for it, my job is basically to be the 'man around the house' and take care of my ma who is in chemotherapy right now and my 91 year old grandmother. When I'm not cleaning or doing yard work, I make money by selling plasma, it pays for my favorite drugs, nicotine, caffeine, and THC. What I lack in money I make up for in creativity. I write even though I have shitty grammar. I also make videos, music, tshirts, and podcast.

My actual last name is boring, so whenever I do something creative, I sign as "Savage". I'm SAVAGE! I'm A Savage. While I do respect physical boundaries, I'm not ashamed to admit to liking the physical assets that your DNA may have gifted you. I don't see it as 'objectification' I'm simply hard-wired to appreciate female physiology.

I'm easy to please but hard to impress. I like to dance.

I'm okay, are you okay?

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What I'm Looking For

Non-morbidly obese brunettes who are nice to me emotionally and physically. Or any female who is pretty. You don't have to be brunette, but it'd be nice. Oh and please have a sense of humor. NO ninny-Natty's- a lot of people THINK they have a sense of humor but are actually afraid and offended by what they don't understand. The less butthurt you are about abstracts, the more likely I will want to be your boyfriend. OH and btw, I'm an ass man, but really ALL female bumps are neato. Skinny or thick, hips or lips, I dig femininity.

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