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Let's stick it to the man and make that change...
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Allyn Washington United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut
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About Me

Hey! My name's Connor. I am a critical-thinker, very detail-oriented, I have an incredibly analytical and introspective mind; so I'm always kind of speaking philosophically and contemplating the unique, hidden aspects of life that would be otherwise overlooked. Sorry, comes with the package. ;) I'm totally down for meeting new people any time, hearing their stories, offering my understanding and a shoulder to lean on if they could use it. I know how scary it gets out there, but together is where we're the strongest, and I'll go to my dying breath believing this. We often here people say "Oh, I swear I couldn't live w/o music, or dancing, or painting..." or what have you, but I like to say that I couldn"t live w/o art, and all of it's wonderful, beautiful, breathtaking aspects. Nature itself is among my favorites, and I'd hope we all know who's behind that masterpiece. :D I personally am a writer at heart and pursue that as a hobby, and I'm also self-taught on the piano, compose my own stuff, play solely by ear but have never been able to read or write music. I can also play some guitar, and jump at the chances to learn new instruments. So, clearly, I love the outdoors, love to explore! I have a very adventurous spirit, and will always be a lover of the ocean, I was on a swim team for around seven years when i was younger. I always enjoy a good, hearty laugh, and love to just pause and listen to the music of life sometimes. In my heart, that flame will never go out.
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What I'm Looking For

A girl that can think outside of the box, a creative person. This girl also accepts people for who they are inside and out, and never takes things at face value. As I do, they look deeper into situations, and can be thoughtful and unterstanding when the time comes. When it comes to appreciating art in the form of music, movies, etc., they tolerate a very wide spectrum. This individual loves exploration and adventure, but not in a completely dangerous or daredevil way (well, maybe occasionally (;). Has a sense of wholesomeness and integrity in their character, and doesn't ignore the morally sound aspects of life when it matters most.

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