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Looking for better half
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: New Brunswick Canada
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  Very Short
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About Me

ve been called a Modern Knight
I hate being bored and try to put fun into every situation no matter how bland. I like to make others laugh.
I am very set on what i like, i know what i want in life and how to get it. But i like trying new things as well, an adventure always strikes my interest. Whatever i end up doing i want to help people.
I want to do some crazy stuff sometimes, i can be a risk taker.
To be honest i don't know what makes me unique. I know i'm different from everyone else but i don't know how to put it into words.

Breaking Benjamin, Linkinpark, Rise Against, Arcade Fire, Coldplay and more..

I'm a cuddlier i enjoy being close to those i love.
I am honest and protecting.

I love coffee shops.

What I'm Looking For

Looking for my better half.

Love is a familiar friend that appears on your doorstep when you least expect it. So you let love in. Once it gets inside it seems to take over your once neat and tidy house. It can be scary to just stand there, and watch as things are moved around in a chaotic fashion. But no matter how scary it seems, your always kind of okay with it. Even though you know that you could be left in a worse state then when you started. There is a charm about this friend that you can't really identify. But even though you have never understood love completely, you feel as though you can trust it. Even if things have gone wrong before. Being in the presence of love seems to heal your wounds, and makes you feel reborn. Like watching a sunset with a warm cup of tea. It gives you courage and fills you with a power, that makes you feel like you can do anything. Its an emotion that seems to come to life and change everything in a blink of an eye. Buts its also a friend that can go to far, entering your house sometimes uninvited. Causing fights with Logic, Reason and Sanity. It is both friend and enemy, trusted and distrusted. It must be allowed to spread its wings and fly, but remain within sight. It is like a child, letting it explore the world is required for it to learn. Sometimes you have to restrict it though, so it does not fall to the ground, shatter and break. When it shatters you feel like its gone forever, but it always returns eventually, most times it looks different, but the feeling lets you know its that same familiar friend back to lift you onto your feet. Most times we are sitting down so long waiting for loves return that we forget we are not standing. Its the foundation of what truly living is built on. Without it you kind of fall through life, constantly moving to new things without an anchor to remind you who you are. Love is the emissary of your heart and soul. It is everything friend, child, enemy, emissary. It surrounds our very being, yet has only the shape of a loved one through our eyes.


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