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Anime/Game lover looking for <3
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The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Florida United States
The Details
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
  None but want some soon
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  Shoulder Length
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Hair Colour:
  Red, Brown
About Me

I hope that reading some of this doesn't stop anyone to message me. I am a really great person and if its even for friends, I will be happy with that. I do love meeting new people and if you see me online check my messengers at the end of my profile and send a message ok or message me here! ^_^

Hi everyone. My name is Brandi. I am 24.I believe I am a very sweet person, I care a great deal to people and try to do anything to make them happy. I can be shy when I meet people but if its the right person I warm up very quickly. I am a happy person in most cases but like life throws those curve balls sometimes I am not. It happens in life but I am willing to accept those kind of things and move on.

I do have bipolar, no that does not mean I am hot headed. I don't expect anyone to look it up because sometimes the information is different for every person. I am bipolar depressive, which means I have depression a little more than the average person and yes I will have my moments and sometimes there is only so much to do about it. However I am being supported by my family and they have been around it more than anyone, and even for them its hard sometimes, BUT they don't leave me, they don't discourage me. They love me for who I am regardless of what I have, and you should too.

I am a gamer, I have always loved my games. I am a console girl and I have a PS2 and a DS but also games for the PS1 and GBA. I enjoy RPGs, horror, fighting, fantasy and adventure. I do enjoy being on the computer, not so much for gaming but to chat with other people and to listen to my music. I also love anime, but I haven't watched any in a long time because I rather watch it with someone then by myself. I also draw anime style usually consisting of dragons, pandas, anime chics/elves/cats. I don't have too many people to hang out with in person and distance can be a problem but I am very flexible so don't think that you may be too far to just ignore me. Its all about preferences but don't be shy to ask. As for other hobbies, I love movies including horror, action, fantasy, any animation films like Pixar. For music, I love anything with videogames/anime related, alternative, rock especially, older, some metal, pretty much everything but I am not big on country or rap. I love Godsmack and Linkin Park, best bands ever.

I am in school for a program to be a veterinary technician. I have done my second semester and have about 2 more long ones to go. I chose this field because my old dog passed away and she had to be put down because of seizures. Before her, I couldn't do this field because of the process of putting animals down but after her I knew I needed to do something to help others and their pets. I am a helpful person and I love anything science related, its always been my passion.

What I'm Looking For

I am searching friends and relationships that are honest which is a big deal to me and I believe its a trustworthy quality needed. I prefer to have people with similar interests just because of getting along better but it is not required. I also would like you to be sweet, or have a kind personality. Someone that won't mess with me or who I am, and willing to be what a real friend is capable of. Do not play games because I will just drop you and leave. I have a big heart, don't break it. If for what ever reason I change my status to look for someone special I want the same qualities as stated but I would want someone close to me and could get here by car, and can be good with my family since I still live with them. I prefer you to like animals in general as well. I don't mind people drinking some but anything excessive I will not like, and smoking I will not allow that regardless. Now if your quiting I can deal with it. I like funny, random people just like me and maybe anything else that will work along what a good person is. Thanks.

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