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Beautiful Imperfections. Loving me for me!
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The Basics
  Age: 45   Gender: Female   Race: Other   Location: California United States
The Details
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About Me

I could tell you I have a great sense of humor.
That I’m intelligent and can carry a conversation well
I can articulate my thoughts and concerns effectively
That Im caring, free spirited, supportive, encouraging and affectionate
I could tell you that you can trust me with your deepest, most darkest secrets
with your goals, dreams and ideas that you’d like to turn into reality, one day. That I have goals of my own that i'm achieving.
That while i don’t have children. I adore them.

I could tell you that if you truly knew me, you’d fall in love with my personality
find my ability to hold a conversation, refreshing!
That i’m confident (most days)
and while i’m not perfect
and I do have character flaws and shortcomings...
that I need to change and/or accept
you'd realize that I do so, all while still being okay with the person I am (right now)

I could tell you how positive I am and how important it is to me to
to treat people, respectfully!
And all of these things would be TRUE about me
and my actions would match my words and be my proof!

But I realize that in this world
Im not really judged on any of these things until later on in life, when wisdom and maturity sets in.
Men are VISUAL beings
So what you probably want to base me on, is the length of hair, my weight, body structure and how good I look by your standards and maybe even those of your friends,
I'll be judged by If I possess that “perfect” body image
That would catch your attention and keep you interested
enough to get to know me beyond my surface.

I can save you the trouble and just tell/show you by the pics i've posted.
You be the judge
I receive compliments all the time.
But "looks wise" i'm the everyday girl you see in passing with a great fashion sense and an extraordinary personality or so i've been told! lol (not being conceded, just convinced that it's true). lol
I am striving to be healthier these days
However, i’m very comfortable with who i am and how i look
Very grateful that those things i’m not comfortable with
I can change or learn to accept.

This is me. This is who I am! :-)

What I'm into:
I am a lover of art, music, movies. I love nature although I must admit i’m pretty scared of most animals that can be found in it. (Hey, don’t judge me, you’re lucky I admitted to that! lol) I’m really big on affection. A hopeless romantic at heart! I like Pda - but tasteful! Im vey big on respect. I give it, so it’s mandatory that I’m always given it!:-)

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What I'm Looking For

I have no expectations. I'm looking for a friend and if it turns into something more, i'm open to it. However, my friend has to be just as positive about life as i am. I can't tolerate negative people. He has to be a compliment to the woman I am, by who he is. Intelligent, versatile. humorous, loving, supportive, affectionate and romantic. I find it's easier to understand other people when you speak the same love language as they do and respect them for who they are and not who you're trying to turn them into! He needs to accept me for me. All of me. my flaws, shortcomings and imperfections. I'm by no means the "supermodel" type. So if you're looking for trophy that you can parade around your arm for approval and points. IM NOT HER!, But I AM a prize! lol I have tattoos that most people never see b/c i stay tastefully dressed. The friend i seek doesn't need to be religious but spiritual would be nice. Respectful of life and matters in love. Someone who considers another's feelings before he acts or speaks. Who gives more than he takes. He needs to be a communicator, yet understanding to even those things he disagrees with. Ambitious and goal oriented. Or at least have the potential to do better, and then do...BETTER! :-) Non judgmental. A person who looks beyond the surface before summing up a person's character based solely on appearance. He has to be fun and Love to laugh. Respect is very important to me. So it's the first thing i look for when meeting people.


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