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Hey there it's just me
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  Age: 52   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Waynesville North Carolina United States
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About Me

I am just a laid back woman. I was raised on an old farm and love living in the country. I love cars, trucks, fishing (yes I can even bait my own hook), camping, hiking, and a whole lot more. I love to try new things for instance I have always wanted to go to a car race but have never been...hint hint...lol. I used to ride horses a lot when I was a kid even owned a few and miss that tremendously.
I have kids who are my life and even though they do come first I can always find time for the person I want to be with.
I love taking long rides to no place in particular discovering new things. I love listening to people tell stories about their past and pasttimes and how their day was at work.

What I'm Looking For

A good ole country boy who maybe sees life a little differently than most people. Always upbeat and positive about things and can keep their cool in even the most stressful sitiuations. He doesn't have to be rich and gets by with what he has and is happy just because he is alive. He can have kids and if he does they must be important to him. He may even pal around with them because its fun. But when he has some down time maybe he wants someone to unwind with and share his life and his day with. He's probably a good talker but listens equally well. When he does love someone it's unconditional and he would forgive most anything. He doesn't have to educated or booksmart. His intelligence comes from life's experience and what he's done. He is good with people and has a tremendous sense of humor and can find humor in any situation no matter how bad. He is attractive because of who he is on the inside. He doesn't have to a body builder or an athlete. He may even be on the smaller side but has a big personality. He likes to have fun but knows when it's time to be an adult too.

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