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  Age: 34   Gender: Female   Race: Asian   Location: ramon ISABELA Philippines
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

Simple and silent but sometimes I
can be a little loud to those I feel
comfortable with. I eat a lot and sing
a lot. I'm a frustrated photographer
in the making. I walk a lot, I love walking! I
love looking at places and people.
They surprise me! I love the people
who loves and cares for me and I
hate those who hate me. I'm not
sweet I'm just loving. I love my
family. I love my friends. I love my
enemies. They just bring spice and
colors to my life. I love challenges
and I love being put into test. I love
waking up in the morning being able
to breathe again. I love everything
life could give me. I love God and he
loves me too.

What I'm Looking For

A man who understands who he is in
God and understands the importance
of allowing God to be the head of his
life. You can say what you want, but as
you get older you begin to understand
the importance of having a man who is
submitted to God because only then will
he truly know how to love you the way
you were designed to be loved.
A man who takes care of his
responsibilities. This inlcudes but is not
limited to his family, his community and
A man who understands the value of a
woman and is committed to taking the
time to learn how to love her. All
women are not the same. What worked
for the last woman may not work for this
one. Real men are students of their
A man who is secure with himself but
not arrogant. Insecurities open a can of
worms not worth the energy it takes to
deal with. Men who are insecure tend to
be controlling and jealous. They are
always suspicious of what their woman is
doing, who she's talking to and where she
is at all times. Real men don't use 'scare
tactics' to try and control a woman
because they are insecure about who
they are.
A man who understands the
importance of family, whether he has
a wife and children or not. The family is
the foundation of life. Your family life will
greatly determine your direction in life.
Men are a major part of that direction.
The majority of the problems we face in
our world today can be traced back to
family. You all know my
philosophy...LOVE is the key. Without
love the world dies. Love is not what you
feel, it is what you do.
A man who is strong in mind and spirit
but also understands that showing
emotions does not make him weak. I
often hear women talk about how their
man will not open up to them or show
emotions. She's always trying to figure
out how he feels. Real men do not have a
problem expressing their feelings because
they understand that doing so does not
make them weak. However, I am NOT
promoting 'punkism.' What I mean by
that is, don't be so sensitive that your
woman feels like she can't lean on you.
Be sensitive in your interactions with her,
but when you are dealing with the
outside world you can't be weak! I
probably need a whole different message
just on how to be strong and sensitive.
A man who doesn't take flight in
adversity but rather he will stand and
fight even when he is afraid.
A man who is a giver. He wants to
impact the world around him because
he understands the importance of
strong male leadership.
A man who is open to growing
spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
A man who doesn't just pay child
support, but he is actively engaged in
the upbringing of his children. Nothing
upsets me more than bad parenting,
whether it is mother OR father. Men do
not seem to understand the devastating
impact of 'absentee fatherism.' There are
too many single mothers who have to do
ALL of the heavy lifting when it comes to
raising their children. The ones who pay
the price for this 'evil' are the children. If
man can't do all of these, at least do the
first one and this last one.


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