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No games Some thing Serious !
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  Age: 29   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: watertown ny New York United States
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  Yes - living with me
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About Me

My name is Ashley I am 22 i have a 4 year old daughter and just had a Baby girl March 22nd :) there father's are dead beats.I have one piercing that's my nose and I have 9 tats i am addicted to them . I listen to rock and classic rock for music.. I don't like drama so don't bring it to me. If you don't like me oh well didn't say you had too. I am me and that's how i always will be..
Im a very trusting girl. Just don't break the trust.
I forgive and I will never forget.
I hate lairs So if you are one don't bother talking to me if you got something to say then say it to my face don't hold back bc i sure wouldn't!
I hate cheaters. back stabbers so on so forth.
I am a nice girl till you screw me over then you will just get in ten times worse. proven so don't test it!. If you feel the need to try and put me down just remember how immature you really are and how dumb you sound then how low you really are!. If your are gonna play mind games Don't ****ing Bother Messaging me at all i don't stand for it what so ever just want to be happy with none of the childish bull sh*ti have kids and i dont have time for it. So if thats YOU go else where thanks !! :)SOME GUYS NEED TO GET THE****OUTTA THERE ASSES AND GROW UP AND ACT LIKE A REAL MAN AND STOP PLAYING GAMES NOT HIGH SCHOOL ANY MORE SO IF YOU ACT LIKE A LIL BOY AND YOUR LIKE 23 24 AND SO ON DONT BOTHER MESSAGING ME AT ALL I DONT GOT TIME FOR IT!! THANKS!
Anything else feel free to ask:)

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What I'm Looking For

Some one Honest, caring, Excepts me for me and that i have kids, Doesn't play games, Likes to have fun. Doesn't lie cheat and so on

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